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Background Information
Name: François Boucher
Country of Birth: Canada Canada
Birthday: April 12, 1993 (1993-04-12) (age 25)
Residency: News Label - North America.png North America
Role: Mid
Favorite champions:   
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Social Media and Links
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Team History
Apr 2013 - Jul 2013
WGlogo std.png Wazabi Gaming
Jun 2013 - ???
Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
Jul 2013 - Feb 2014
COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming

François "Zamphira" Boucher is the mid laner for COGnitive Gaming and a sub for Team Dignitas.


Although Zamphira plays many games, he always wanted to try and go pro for one. He finally settled for League, which he had been playing since the  Poppy release. Although not very known, Zamphira was noticed for playing a lot of unconventional stuff in high Elo rankeds, mainly  Lulu mid. He also plays Osu!, Touhou, DotA, Starcraft 2, and many other games. On June 21, 2013, Zamphira joined Team Dignitas as a substitute.[1] He joined Wazabi Gaming (now COGnitive Gaming) in April 2013 as their mid laner.


  • Known for his  Lulu.
  • Speaks French.


Date Event Result
2014-02-15 2014 NA Challenger Series #1 Copper.png COGnitive Gaming COGlogo std.png 1 : 2 Complexitylogo std.png compLexity.Red
Date Event Result
2013-09-01 Spring Promotion Qualifier Silver.png COGnitive Gaming COGlogo std.png 0 : 2 Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
2013-08-25 ggLA Challenger Arena 3 Bronze.png COGnitive Gaming COGlogo std.png 0 : 2 Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
2013-05-21 National ESL Go4LoL April Monthly Finals Gold.png Wazabi Gaming WGlogo std.png 1 : 0 TSBlogo std2.png The Salad Bar
2013-04-20 ESL Go4LoL 2013 March Monthly Finals Gold.png SiN Park Logo std2.png 1 : 0 TSBlogo std2.png The Salad Bar
2013-04-14 ESL Go4LoL NA #109 Gold.png SiN Park Logo std2.png 1 : 0 Logo std2.png Too Hipster For Challenger
2013-03-10 ESL Go4LoL NA #104 Gold.png Abusement Park Logo std2.png 1 : 0 Logo std2.png FDS Clan
2013-03-01 LAN ETS 2013 Gold.png Dancing Toboggan Logo std2.png 1 : 1 Armatalogo std.png Armata Gaming




External Links


  1. Team Dignitas LoL With Two New LCS Subs