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Background Information
Name: Peter Wüppen
Country of Birth: Germany Germany
Birthday: October 5, 1989 (1989-10-05) (age 28)
Residency: News Label - Europe.png Europe
Role: AD
Favorite champions:     
Alternate IDs: CLG yellowpete(NA), yellowpetey(NA), CLG yellowpete(KR), CLG yellowpete(TW), MinotaurBot (EUW)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (EU)
Social Media and Links
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Team History
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Feb 2011 - ??? 2011
Logo std2.png team tictacs
??? 2011 - ??? 2011
Acerlogo std.png Team Acer
??? 2011 - Dec 2011
Logo std2.png La GG
Dec 2011 - Dec 2012
CLGlogo2 std.png CLG Europe
Jan 2013 - ???
Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses

Peter "yellowpete" Wüppen is a retired player most well-known for having been the AD carry of CLG.EU and later Evil Geniuses.


Yellowpete is a player hailing from Hanover, Germany. At the age of ten, yellowpete started playing real-time strategy game "Age of Empires". Eventually yellowpete grew into games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source, Warcraft, and Defense of the Ancients. One of yellowpete's friends who he played DotA with soon showed him League of Legends.

As LoL grew, so did yellowpete’s skill and reputation as a top-tier player. Strong mechanical skill is something yellowpete says all of the top professional players have mastered and that what sets him apart is his continually positive attitude toward the game. He communicates well in game and continually strives to create new strategies to improve his team.

In February 2015, Yellowpete officially announced his retirement from competitive League of Legends, after a two-month-long break from playing. He expressed intentions of becoming a casual Hearthstone streamer.[1]


  • His favorite champion is  Kog'Maw.[2]
  • Skydiving was one of his biggest dreams, and he was able to achieve it as part of an interview.[3]
  • During Season 1 he had the highest Elo in solo queue (2507) and in Premade 5vs5 (2111) on EU West.[4]
  • He and Krepo previously teamed up in the bottom lane for La GG.
  • Hopes to remain a part of the eSports scene once he has retired from the position of player.
  • Got his nickname "yellowpete" from the eponymous character in the Mafia game.[5]


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