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Player has retired.
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Background Information
Name: Lo Pun Wai (盧本偉)
Country of Birth: Hong Kong Hong Kong
Birthday: August 11, 1993 (1993-08-11) (age 24)
Favorite champions:     
Alternate IDs: WhiteUUUUUUUUUUU (NA), RoyalHz丶Wh1t3zZ
Peak League: DiamondLeague.png Diamond I (NA)
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Team History
Feb 2011 - May 2011
HKEGGlogo std.png HKEGG
May 2011 - Aug 2011
Ccmlogo std.png CCM
Aug 2011 - Mar 2012
IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Mar 2012 - Jul 2012
Clclogo std.png Canis Lupus Campestris
Jul 2012 - Aug 2012
NAlogo std.png Noah's Ark
Aug 2012 - Oct 2012
OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
??? - Mar 2013
Royal TClogo std.png Royal Club Tian Ci
Mar 2013 - Oct 2013
RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal Club

Pun Wai "Wh1t3zZ" Lo is a retired professional player. He was known as the mid laner for Royal Club Huang Zu.


He was an original member of Catastrophic Cruel Memory, a Chinese team that was bought by Invictus Gaming. He left iG to join Canis Lupus Campestris, which was later picked up by another eSports organization, Noah's Ark. The five NA players transferred to OMG in August of 2012. After spending a brief period in retirement, he joined Royal TC and later found himself in a starting role on Royal Club's main squad, Royal HZ. After Season 3 World Championship, Royal HZ achieved runner-up and Wh1t3zZ decided to retire[1], but he postponed the retirement after WCG 2013 China Qualifier as the team cannot find any substitute for him.[2]


  • Simultaneously achieved top 10 solo queue rankings on the North American and Chinese servers.
  • Known for popularizing  Twisted Fate in China.
  • Friends with former Team SoloMid AD player Chaox. [3]
  • Favorite color is white.[4]


Date Event Result
2013-10-04 Season 3 World Championship Silver.png Royal Club RoyalClubLogo std.png 0 : 3 SKT1Logo std.png SK Telecom T1
2013-07-25 IEM Season VIII - Shanghai SF.png Royal Club RoyalClubLogo std.png 1 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-07-07 StarsWar 8 SF.png Royal Club RoyalClubLogo std.png 0 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-06-27 WVW National Elite Cup Bronze.png Royal Club RoyalClubLogo std.png 2 : 0 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-05-19 NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 Silver.png Royal Club RoyalClubLogo std.png 0 : 2 Welogo std.png Team WE
Date Event Result
2012-07-28 Season Two/Regional Finals - Shanghai Silver.png Noah's Ark NAlogo std.png 0 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming


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