WVW National Elite Cup

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WVW National Elite Cup
WVW Cup.jpg
League Information
Organizer: Hua Ren Media
Server: China
Event Type: Offline
Prize pool: ¥ 180,000
Start Date: 2013-06-26
End Date: 2013-06-27
Links: Website



  • Best of three
  • Four invited teams

Prize Pool

¥180,000 CNY (Approximately $29,282 USD, €22,403 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (CNY) ≈Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st ¥ 100,000 $ 16,268 € 12,445 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
Silver.png 2nd ¥ 50,000 $ 8,134 € 6,223 PositiveEnergyLogo std.png Positive Energy
Bronze.png 3rd ¥ 20,000 $ 3,254 € 2,489 RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal Club
Copper.png 4th ¥ 10,000 $ 1,627 € 1,245 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming


Oh My Godlogo square.png
China Gogoing  
China LoveLin
China Cool
China san
China bigpomelo
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Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaminglogo square.png
China PDD  
China illuSioN
China Zzitai
China Kid
China XiaoXiao
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Royal Club Huang Zu
Royal Clublogo square.png
China GoDlike  
China Lucky
Hong Kong Wh1t3zZ
China Uzi
Hong Kong Tabe
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Positive Energy
Positive Energylogo square.png
China LightAluka  
China Jing
China JoJo
China NaMel
China Sicca
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  Semifinals Finals
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 2
  RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal 0
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 2
  PositiveEnergyLogo std.png PE 0
  IGlogo std.png iG 1
  PositiveEnergyLogo std.png PE 2 3rd place match
  RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal 2
  IGlogo std.png iG 0

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