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Team has Disbanded.
Tt Dragons Taiwan
Team Information
Location: Taiwan Taiwan


The Thermaltake Dragons League of Legends team was officially established on 9th March 2012 as a division under the Thermaltake Apollos, primary e-sports wing of Thermaltake Technology Co. Despite being one of the newest professional teams to arrive at the Taiwanese League of Legends competitive scene, Tt Dragons Taiwan immediately took centre stage when they won first place at the Taiwan national championships almost one month after they were formed as a team. The Tt organization also sponsors a European team.



Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
Taiwan GuruCat Liu Yu-Chang (劉祐彰) 04 AD Heavy Artillery Logo std.png Heavy Artillery
Taiwan Lantyr Zhang Huai-Cang (張淮蒼) 02 Jungle AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club
Taiwan Dior007 Gary Yu (余東霖) 01 Top
Taiwan 3345678 Zhong Wen-Cheng (鐘文成) 05 Support
Taiwan westdoor Liu Shu-Wei (劉書瑋) 11 AP AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club
Taiwan Nianpan Liang Chang-Wei (梁昌煒) 05 Support Submarines logo std.png Submarines


Team Achievements

In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-07-15 A33rd IGN ProLeague Season 5 Taiwanese Qualifiers 2 : 0 Logo std2.png WhyTrollMe NTD 10,000
2012-06-08 A22nd Thermaltake Cup 0 : 1 Corsairlogo std.png Corsair NTD 30,000
2012-04-29 A22nd Aztec Wind Force Cup 0 : 1 Corsairlogo std.png Corsair $1,000
2012-04-04 A11st Taiwan National Internet Cafes Elite 1 : 0 Logo std2.png 小樂OP NTD 100,000
Complete results in Minor, Monthly and Weekly Tournaments

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