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Team has Disbanded.
Team Dynamic
Team Dynamic logo.jpg
Team Information
Location: North America North America
Website: Team Dynamic
Sponsor(s): BenQ
Gamecom Plantronics
Command Channel
Fenton Design Studio
Youtube: TeamDynamicGaming
Facebook: TeamDynamic
Twitter: TeamDynamicLLC
Created: 2012-04-24
Disbanded: 2013-01-04
Player Trades: 2012-07-15 NintendudeX leaves
2012-07-15 acquires Atlanta
2012-08-20 Atlanta leaves
2012-08-20 NintendudeX returns
2012-10-29 ParadoXical leaves
2012-12-23 acquires Shiphtur and I am Anjo


Team Dynamic is a United States based multi-gaming organization that sponsors players for League of Legends, Counter Strike: Source, and StarCraft II.

The organization is currently actively looking to recruit a new team after the departure of the former roster to Good Game University.[1]


Acquisition of Monomaniac Roster

Shortly after placing fourth at the IGN Proleague Season 4 in Las Vegas, Team Dynamic acquired the Monomaniac roster consisting of NintendudeX, zig, ParadoXical, Pixel, and ZionSpartan.[2]

Season 2

A week after moving from Monomaniac, Team Dynamic played at the CSN playLEGENDS Finals, where they ended with a first place finish after defeating Orbit Gaming 2-0 in the final round. Re-creating their success at the IPL 4 Qualifiers, Dynamic were able to get a first place finish in the IPL5 North American Qualifiers, most notably defeating Curse Gaming 2-1, 4Not.Fire 2-0, and mTw.NA 2-0.

On May 26th, 2012, Team Dynamic would face off in the SoloMid North American Invitational. Sweeping mTw.NA 2-0 in the first round, Team Dynamic would face off against Counter Logic Gaming Prime in the second round, where they were able to come out victorious after a 2-1 best of three series. Advancing to the winners bracket final, Team Dynamic faced off against Team SoloMid, where TD won 2-0 over TSM. Advancing to the finals of the SoloMid tournament, Team Dynamic would face off against Team SoloMid once again, as CLG Prime was defeated by TSM in the losers bracket final. After internet issues from both sides, Team Dynamic lost two best of threes in an extended series against Team SoloMid, finishing second place overall.

A few weeks later, Team Dynamic flew out to Anaheim in order to compete in the 2012 Major League Gaming Spring Championship. They started off with a 2-1 victory over SK Gaming in the first round, but lost to Dignitas 1-2 in the second round. In the loser's bracket, Dynamic defeated mTw.NA 2-0, Curse Gaming 2-1, and FnaticRC 2-1, placing them in the loser's bracket finals where they lost to Counter Logic Gaming Prime 0-2. This loss placed Team Dynamic in fourth place, earning them 75 Circuit Points and a $3,000 cash prize.

Five days after the end of MLG, Team Dynamic flew out to compete in the GIGABYTE Esports LAN. Dynamic started the tournament by going undefeated in the group stage, winning over Counter Logic Gaming Prime, DirtNap Gaming, and mTw.NA. They continued on through the bracket until they were knocked down to the loser's bracket by Counter Logic Gaming Black. In the loser's bracket, they finished in fourth place after a 1-2 defeat against Counter Logic Gaming Prime.

On June 30th, Team Dynamic entered the Leaguepedia North American Invitational, where they were able to pull out with a second place finish. Team Dynamic showed a very strong start after defeating MRN, 4Not.Fire, and TSM EVO to reach the finals against Orbit Gaming, where they fell 0-2 to the upcoming North American team. During this tournament, team captain and jungler NintendudeX was unable to attend due to personal problems, therefore Team SoloMid jungler TheOddOne substituted in.

A few weeks later, Team Dynamic would replace their long time jungler nintendudex with former mTw.NA top lane player Atlanta.

Team Dynamic would take second place at the IGN ProLeague Elites, which finished on August 3rd, 2012. In the round of 16, Team Dynamic would take out Chuuper's Troopers 2-1. Moving up toward the quarterfinals, TD would sweep mTw.NA 2-0 to advance to the semifinals. Unfortunately, Team Dynamic's opponents Team SoloMid would be unable to play as they were flying out to compete in the MLG Summer Arena, therefore Team Dynamic would get a pass to the grand finals. However, Team Dynamic would fall to Team Dignitas 1-3 in the grand finals, taking home second place.

The next event that Team Dynamic would attend would be the IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown, which was held from August 11 to August 12 of 2012. At the event, Team Dynamic would have a rocky start as they would fall to Team WE 0-2 in the first round of the tournament. Unfortunately, Team Dynamic would be unable to recover, being eliminated by mTw.NA 1-2 in the losers bracket. TD would leave with a 7th-8th place finish.

Around one week after the disappointing showing at IPL Face Off, Team Dynamic would reintroduce their former jungler NintendudeX into the lineup. With the addition of NintendudeX, Team Dynamic would kick their jungler at the time Atlanta.

The roster change would soon show success, as on August 26th, 2012, Team Dynamic would place third at the 2012 MLG Summer Championship. Team Dynamic would take out Team Legion 2-1 in their first match of the tournament. Unfortunately, Team Dynamic would fall to Team Dignitas in the next round 1-2, falling to the losers bracket. There, TD would defeat CLG Black 2-0 to meet Team Dignitas in the semi finals. Team Dynamic would have a strong start, coming out victorious against Team Digintas 2-0 in the first best of three, but would unfortunately be unable to finish as they would fall to Team Dignitas 0-2 in the second set. At the third place match, Team Dynamic would defeat Orbit Gaming 2-1 to gain enough circuit points to qualify for the Season Two North American Regionals.

Team Dynamic would be seeded up against Team Dignitas in the first round of the playoffs in the Season Two North American Regionals. Team Dignitas would sweep Team Dynamic 2-0 in the playoffs, sending TD home with a 5th-8th place finish.

On October 25th, 2012, Team Dynamic would swap out their long time AD Carry zig with former Team SoloMid Evo AD Carry DontMashMe. This change in roster was made partially because of the tension that existed between zig and the other players of Team Dynamic after their disappointing showing at the S2 North American Regional and also due to zig's inactivity because of school. [3] On October 29th, 2012, AP player ParadoXical would be released as well, citing personal issues conflicting with the team's growth.[4]

Pre-Season 3

On December 23rd, 2012, Shiphtur and I am Anjo would join to fill the roles of AP and Support, respectively. Two weeks later, the team roster announced having parted ways with parent organization Team Dynamic, forming Good Game University.[5]



To read about Monomaniac history (December 2011 - April 2012), click here.


Player Roster


ID Name Role New Team
Canada ZionSpartan Darshan Upadhyaha 01 Top GGULogo std.png Good Game University
USA NintendudeX Joshua Atkins 02 Jungle GGULogo std.png Good Game University
Canada DontMashMe Brandon Phan 04 AD GGULogo std.png Good Game University
Canada Shiphtur Danny Le 11 AP GGULogo std.png Good Game University
USA I am Anjo Angelo Cortez 05 Support GGULogo std.png Good Game University
Canada Pixel David Zarinski 10 Sub/Support GGULogo std.png Good Game University
Canada ParadoXical Eric Lomore 11 AP
Canada zig Derek Shao 04 AD Pulse Esports std.png Pulse Esports
USA Atlanta James Moreland 02 Jungle Dirtnaplogo std.png Dirt Nap Gaming

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
USA Nientonsoh Zach Malhas 11 AP Canada ParadoXical 2012 MLG Dallas
USA TakashiX Keith Horita 11 AP IPL 5 - Las Vegas


ID Name Position
USA johnny5 Mitul Desai Founder

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-11-30 Ipllogo small.png B313 - 16th IGN ProLeague Season 5 0 : 2 Crslogo std.png Team Curse $ 1,250
2012-08-30 RpPoints.png A55 - 8th Riot Season 2 North American Regionals 0 : 2 Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas $ 10,000
2012-08-26 MLG-Logo-Small.png A33rd 2012 MLG Summer Championship 2 : 1 Orbitlogo std.png Orbit Gaming $ 20,000
2012-08-12 Ipllogo small.png A77 - 8th IPL Face Off 1 : 2 Mtwlogo std.png mTw North America $ 1,250
2012-06-10 MLG-Logo-Small.png A44th 2012 MLG Spring Championship 0 : 2 Clglogo std.png CLG Prime $ 3,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-07-22 A11st Leaguecraft ggClassic 2 : 1 Clglogo std.png CLG Black $ 4,000
Complete results in Minor, Monthly and Weekly Tournaments

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