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Urgent need to address conflicting team abbreviations

With VGPlogo std.png Vici Potential Gaming renames to UPlogo std.png Unlimited Potential, and officially abbreviates to UP in all Chinese news, but on esportspedia {{Team|UP}} produces a team that don't even have an article, UPlogo std.png Unlimited Potential.

We've already bitten by this before, with LD refers to Lemondogs but in China refers to Legend Dragon (LPL promotion), so it's abbreviated LDG here, resulting in HUGE confusion among Chinese people and foreign people following LPL (confusion with LGD of course). Now yet another team are going to be abbreviated differently than people uses on esportspedia, and it's not for some Worlds participated team but a team that don't even have its own article, how we should deal with this and this kind of sceanrio in future?

Main Page don't display two columns as it used to be

All four quarters are now stacked vertically in first column.