Season 3 Taiwan Regional Finals/Hong Kong Qualifiers

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Season 3 Garena Regional Finals Hong Kong and Macao Qualifier
S3 Hong Kong Qualifier.jpg
League Information
Organizer: iGamers
Garena Taiwan
Server: Taiwan
Event Type: Online/Offline
Country Hong Kong Hong Kong
Format: Single elimination
Prize pool: HK$ 15,000
Start Date: 2013-05-30
End Date: 2013-06-30
Links: Website



  • Round of 64 and 32 are bo1.
  • The other matches are bo3.
  • Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final are offline competition.

Prize Pool

15,000 HK Dollar is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
1st HK$ 7,500
Seed for S3WC Garena Qualifier
CGA Lslogo std.png CGA LEGENDs
2nd HK$ 5,000 HKAlogo std.png HK Attitude
3rd HK$ 2,500 YCSMlogo std.png YouCantStopMe


Hong Kong (64)
Logo std2.png 1223 Logo std2.png 4Oni 76767logo std.png 76767 Logo std2.png 9BirD
Logo std2.png BAB Logo std2.png BabyxHunter BiBlogo std.png Blood is blooD CrossGaminglogo std.png CrossGaming
Logo std2.png CrownEsport CGA Lslogo std.png CGA LEGENDs Logo std2.png Don9 Logo std2.png Dynastry
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.png Energy Pacemaker Logo std2.png evl Logo std2.png FrozenArrows Logo std2.png GamingAmazingYounger
Logo std2.png GO dynasty Logo std2.png H0meBoyStyle HKAlogo std.png HK Attitude Logo std2.png HKGamings
Logo std2.png HKKids Logo std2.png HongKongMiracle Logo std2.png Hou kong assassin Logo std2.png iDKLM
Logo std2.png ImperialEvolve Logo std2.png Last game of my life Logo std2.png LawWhShadows Logo std2.png mc戰魂星
MeLTlogo std.png MeLT Logo std2.png MoonBlackStarsStars Lotuslogo std.png Lotus Gaming Logo std2.png NeverGiveUp
Logo std2.png PAGOD Logo std2.png PigMaker Logo std2.png Return Logo std2.png SilentNight
Logo std2.png Solo Top Logo std2.png TacticsMindfactory Logo std2.png TaiwanMacauHunters台澳獵殺者 Logo std2.png Team Hunter
TLGlogo std.png Team Legend God Logo std2.png Team Satellite Logo std2.png TheFateOfGear Logo std2.png THKD
Logo std2.png TimLovesRetirement Logo std2.png TrolLorThroW Logo std2.png WCBSS YCSMlogo std.png YouCantStopMe
Logo std2.png 大暗力殺星 Logo std2.png 山西鳳凰隊 Logo std2.png 元朗獵頭骷髏 Logo std2.png 向玻璃鞋說再見
Logo std2.png 死亡圈圈 Logo std2.png 沒有明天 Logo std2.png 芝士漢堡真心灰 Logo std2.png 虐殺原形
Logo std2.png 莪蕞薆梨 Logo std2.png 棍波 Logo std2.png 進擊的巨南 Logo std2.png 隊長是狗
Logo std2.png 暗瘡皇子 Logo std2.png 說好的隊友 Logo std2.png 臨時組一隊 Logo std2.png 鐵血戰士


Online Qualifiers

Group A

May 30 - June 26

Group B

June 2 - June 26

Group C

June 3 - June 26

Group D

June 6 - June 26

Offline Qualifiers

June 30

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png 沒有明天 0
  YCSMlogo std.png YCSM 2
  YCSMlogo std.png YCSM 0
  HKAlogo std.png HKA 2
  CrossGaminglogo std.png CG 0
  HKAlogo std.png HKA 2
  HKAlogo std.png HKA 0
  CGA Lslogo std.png CGA Ls 2
  Logo std2.png 4onI 2
  Logo std2.png THKD 0 3rd place match
  Logo std2.png 4onI 0
  YCSMlogo std.png YCSM 2
  CGA Lslogo std.png CGA Ls 2
  MeLTlogo std.png MeLT 0   Logo std2.png 4onI 0
  CGA Lslogo std.png CGA Ls 2

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Round Date
Ro64 May 28th - June 9th
Ro32 June 10th - June 15th
Ro16 June 16th - June 26th
Ro8 - Finals June 30th

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