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Background Information
Name: Go Dong-bin (고동빈)
Country of Birth: South Korea South Korea
Birthday: July 8, 1992 (1992-07-08) (age 25)
Residency: News Label - Korea.png Korea
Team: KT Rolster
Role: Jungler
Previous Roles: AD, Top
Favorite champions:   
Alternate IDs: KT Score, GakSsiTaL, StarTale Joker, 좋은날
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Team History
Mar 2012 - May 2012
Startalelogo std.png StarTale
May 2012 - Aug 2012
Startalelogo std.png StarTale
Oct 2012 - Dec 2014
KTRolsterLogo std.png KT Rolster Bullets
Dec 2014 - Present
KTRolsterLogo std.png KT Rolster

Go "Score" Dong-bin is a South Korean League of Legends player who is currently the jungler for KT Rolster.


Go "Score" Dong-bin is the jungler for KT Rolster. When he played AD carry he was known for his passive, safe play style, and earned the nickname "The Immortal" because there was a stretch during 2013 Champions Winter and Spring where Score went many consecutive games without dying. He earned a reputation for his  Corki play, often referred to as "Scorki".

Season 2

Score began his professional career when he joined Startale under the name "Joker". He would continuously switch back between top and AD carry during his time on the team. They participated in the inaugural OGN, Azubu The Champions Spring 2012, where they failed to make it past the group stage. They then attended Azubu The Champions Spring 2012 where they lost in the quarterfinals 2-0 to NaJin Sword. On August 27th, Startale disbanded. In October, Joker changed his name to Score and he joined the new KT Rolster B roster along with former Startale teammates, Ryu and Mafa.

Season 3

The team's first OGN was OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013. They lost two sets in the semifinals to NaJin Sword 3-1 and 3-0 but beat Azubu Blaze in the 3rd place match 3-0. Next, they attended OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 where they placed 5th-8th after they lost 3-1 in the quarterfinals to the eventual champions, MVP Ozone. Between seasons, KT Rolster B and KT Rolster A had their names changed to the Bullets and the Arrows, respectively. The Bullets went to HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 and made it to the finals but ultimately lost 3-2 to SK Telecom T1. They accrued enough circuit points to qualify to the Season 3 Korea Regional Finals but once again they lost to SK Telecom T1 in the finals 3-1 and barely missed Worlds.

2014 Season

At the beginning of the season, the Bullets attended PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 where they placed 3rd after losing 3-0 to SK Telecom T1 K and beating NaJin White Shield 3-1. In March, they were invited to the IEM Season VIII - World Championship where they beat Fnatic 3-0 in the finals and swept the tournament in a dominating fashion. When they returned to Korea, the Bullets played in HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 but they placed 5th-8th after losing in the quarters 3-2 to White Shield. At HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014, the Bullets recorded their worst result ever, after they failed to make it out of the group stage. Once again, they acquired enough points to attend the 2014 Season Korea Regional Finals but they lost 3-0 in the first round to White Shield.

2015 Season

Due to OGN rule changes, KT was forced to merge the Arrows and the Bullets to form KT Rolster. Arrow was given the starting AD carry position but Score became the new starting jungler. KT participated in SBENU Champions Spring 2015 and placed fifth, narrowly missing playoffs. KT placed second overall during the regular season of SBENU Champions Summer 2015. They made it to the finals of the playoffs but lost 3-0 to SK Telecom T1. KT earned enough circuit points to qualify for the 2015 Season Korea Regional Finals where they beat the Jin Air Green Wings 3-1 in the finals to qualify for the 2015 World Championship. KT was drawn into a group with LGD Gaming, Team SoloMid, and Origen. They ended with a 5-1 record and went on to play the KOO Tigers in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, they lost 3-1 and were knocked out of the tournament.

2016 Preseason

KT played in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup where they lost 2-1 in the semifinals to CJ Entus.

2016 Season

During the LCK 2016 Spring Season, KT Rolster finished second place in the regular season with a 13-5 match record. Their regular season placement earned them a bye into the semi-finals of the Spring Playoffs, where they faced SK Telecom T1. Unfortunately, they were swept 3-0, ending their spring split with a third place finish.


Current Season Statistics

LCK 2016 Summer Statistics
3 2 1 66.7 4.33 3 7 3.78 178.33 4.22 14.87k 352
3 1 2 33.3 2 1.33 4.33 4.75 150.67 4.02 12.4k 331
1 1 0 100 1 0 20 21.00 163 5.02 13.1k 403
Net: 7 4 3 57.1 2.86 1.86 7.71 5.69 164.29 4.24 13.56k 350
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