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Background Information
Name: Zack Pye
Alternate IDs: LGC RustyBB, Aggression (OCE)
Nicknames: LGC RustyBB
Country: Australia Australia
Birthday: June 28, 1993 (1993-06-28) (age 24)
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Team History
June 2011 - April 2012
Logo std2.png SQL/Gamecom
??? - 2012
Logo std2.png Mindfreak
??? - 2013
CHFlogo std.png The Chiefs eSports Club
February 2014 - ???
LGClogo std.png Legacy eSports

Zack "Rusty" Pye is a former Australian League of Legends player who is currently a caster for the LPL, OPL and OCS.


Zack "Rusty" Pye has played a wide variety of genres of videogames, ranging from FPS's to online poker. He also played DotA and enjoyed playing Warcraft III custom maps. Prior to playing League of Legends, Pye played Team Fortress 2 competitively. In 2010, he began playing League of Legends shortly after the end of the beta. He is currently studying Education at university and works as a bartender on the weekends.


  • He enjoys playing Basketball and going to the gym
  • is an avid reader and writer



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