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Background Information
Name: Nikolo Tayag
Country of Birth: Philippines Philippines
Birthday: December 23, 1992 (1992-12-23) (age 25)
Residency: News Label - Oceania.png Oceania
Team: Avant Garde
Role: Top
Favorite champions:    
Alternate IDs: Crs Kolo, porkiepie, Av Porky Corsair
Peak League: DiamondLeague.png Diamond (NA)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (OCE)
Social Media and Links
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Team History
Oct 2013 - Apr 2014
LWlogo std.png Little Wraith
Apr 2014 - Jul 2014
Crslogo std.png Team Curse OCE
Aug 2014 - Present
Avlogo std.png Avant Garde

Nikolo "Porky" Tayag is a Filipino League of Legends player who is currently a substitute top laner for Avant Garde.


Nikolo "Porky" Tayag was born in the Philippines and now lives in Australia. When he was young he played Counter Strike 1.6 and Diablo 1 and 2. After playing the Warcraft mod DotA, he switched to League of Legends. When he started playing League, he could not figure out how to beat the champion  Twitch, and so he bought the champion as soon as he could. Since he started playing competitively, Porky's role has been toplane.

League of Legends Career

Porky's first professional League of Legends team was Little Wraith, which he formed in October 2013 along with Chelby, Wild Joshy, Trashboat, and Charlie101. The team played in the IEM Singapore Qualifier as the Oceanic representative but did not qualify for the Main Event. In April 2014, Porky, along with the rest of the Little Wraith roster was acquired by Curse Gaming to form Team Curse OCE. Porky joined under the name Kolo.

After Curse released their Oceanic roster on July 28th 2014, Porky was teamless for a short time before joining Avant Garde in August 2014, part of their new roster along with Yozora, Kenste, Veritas, NADA, and WarbleGubul. With the team, Porky managed to finish 2nd in the Logitech CGPL Season 2 Winter, along with a 1st place finish at the 2014 Oceanic Regional Finals. This lead to the team's participation at IEM Season IX - Taipei, though they were beaten by Taipei Assassins in the quarterfinals.

After competing in two splits of the 2015 OPL Porky stepped down into a substitute position.


  • Enjoys cooking.
  • Has very long hair.
  • Porky's name back in Garena was "PorkSiomai" but when he was playing on NA people kept asking what it was, so he shortened it to "Porky."




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