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2015 OPL Split 2 Playoffs
OPL logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Event Type: Offline
Country Australia Australia
Start Date: 2015-07-20
End Date: 2015-08-08
Links: Website


The 2015 OPL Split #2 Playoffs are held to close out the second split of the 2015 OPL season. The winner of the split also qualifies for the 2015 International Wildcard Tournament.


Prize Pool

$ 32,000 AUD (Approximately $ ? USD) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize AUD Prize USD Team
Gold.png1st $ 16,000
Qual to IWCT
$ 11,800 CHFlogo std.png The Chiefs eSports Club
Silver.png2nd $ 8,000 $ 5,900 LGClogo std.png Legacy eSports
SF.png3rd/4th $ 4,000 $ 2,950 Avlogo std.png Avant Garde
DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves


Avant Garde
Avant Gardelogo square.png
Philippines Porky  
New Zealand Chelby
New Zealand Kenste
Australia Warble
Australia Destiny
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Dire Wolves
Dire Wolveslogo square.png
Australia Sharp  
Australia Sybol
Australia Perfection
Australia k1ng
South Korea NADA
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Legacy eSports
Legacy eSportslogo square.png
Australia Minkywhale  
Australia Carbon  
Australia ChuChuZ  
Australia Claire  
Australia Tallywhacka  
Australia flyingJoo  
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The Chiefs eSports Club
The Chiefs eSports Clublogo square.png
Australia Swip3rR  
Australia Spookz
Australia Swiffer
Australia Raydere
Australia EGym
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  Semi-Finals (Bo5) Finals (Bo5)
  CHFlogo std.png CHF 3
  Avlogo std.png Av 0
  CHFlogo std.png CHF 3
  LGClogo std.png LGC 1
  LGClogo std.png LGC 3
  DWlogo std.png DW 1

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Schedule & VoDs

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  • Semifinals
  • Finals
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
CHF CHFlogo std.png
vs. Avlogo std.png Av
[Show] 2015-07-20 01:00 04:00 10:00 17:00 -- Reddit
LGC LGClogo std.png
vs. DWlogo std.png DW
[Show] 2015-07-23 01:00 04:00 10:00 17:00 -- Reddit
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
CHF CHFlogo std.png
vs. LGClogo std.png LGC
[Show] 2015-08-08 01:00 04:00 10:00 17:00 -- Reddit

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