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Background Information
Name: Tian Ye (田野)
Country of Birth: China China
Birthday: June 6, 1998 (1998-06-06) (age 19)
Residency: News Label - China.png China
Team: EDward Gaming
Role: Support
Favorite champions:   
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Team History
??? ???? - Dec 2014
Raylogo std.png Rayunion
Dec 2014 - Present
EDGlogo std.png EDward Gaming

Tian "Meiko" Ye is the Support for EDward Gaming. He was formerly known under the ID "Mad".


Ye “Meiko” Tian is Edward Gaming’s support. Shortly after transferring from Rayunion he started out on the squad as a substitute, and then worked his way to the starting position with a combination of hard work and the ill-fortune of Mouse, their previous starter. However he got there, Meiko made a huge difference in the team because of his aggressive roaming and play-style, which luckily matched up with the rest of the teams play-style. Known for his Annie and Thresh picks and plays, Meiko thrives when he’s able to set up engagements and catch enemies out for the rest of his team to dive on. It was this style of gameplay that allowed EDG to establish themselves as one of China’s top teams and take home the championship trophy at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. If Meiko catches you alone, you’ll find yourself hooked or stunned into oblivion, and EDG will capitalize on that advantage.

2014 Season

Meiko played for a team called Rayunion starting mid 2014. The team was most noted for their support and jungler, hui. The team's greatest accomplishment was beating Star Horn Royal Club in the qualifier for National Electronic Esports Tournament 2014. The team disbanded after disappointing results in TGA Grand Prix Winter 2014.

2015 Season

Meiko joined EDward Gaming as a substitute support player. At the time, EDG expected to run Mouse as their starting support. Mouse did not deliver the results EDG expected, going 0-2 to Snake in Week 2. In part because Mouse was transitioning from the mid lane, he had to catch up. His synergy with starting AD carry Deft also did not seem very high. In Week 3 of 2015 LPL Spring, Meiko played his first match with the team as starting support player against Invictus Gaming. EDG would 3-0 the week, picking up six map wins in total. Meiko's heavy roaming style suited the team, and they continued to improve. He received attention for his Annie and Thresh play in particular, following in the footsteps of Fzzf, EDG's previous support, noted for his engagements. EDG placed first in the regular spring season, only losing 4 games with Meiko in total. His most impactful supports were Annie, Janna, and Thresh for the split.

EDG placed first in the LPL Spring regular season and qualified for the 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs. They won the whole tournament with a close 3-2 win over LGD Gaming. They went to the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational and won by upsetting SK Telecom T1 in a 3-2 series. EDG played in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season and won the entire tournament with a crushing 3-0 victory over OMG. EDG placed first overall in the 2015 LPL Summer Regular Season and entered the 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs as the top seed. However, they ended in fourth after losing 3-0 to LGD Gaming and 3-1 to Invictus Gaming. They still qualified for the 2015 Season China Regional Finals where they managed to qualify for the 2015 World Championship as the second seed from China with a 3-1 victory over IG. At MSI, EDG pushed their way to the finals and upset the heavily favored SK Telecom T1 by baiting Faker into picking LeBlanc and picking a comp to counter it. EDG won the series 3-2 and took home the title of best team in the World. EDG participated in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season where they won again by taking a 3-0 set against OMG. They ended in first place once again in the 2015 LPL Summer Regular Season but in the 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs they faltered, dropping a 3-0 set to LGD and a 3-1 set to IG to end in fourth place overall. They still qualified for the 2015 Season China Regional Finals and managed to take the second seed from China to the 2015 World Championship with a 3-1 victory over IG. EDG were placed in a group with SK Telecom, H2k Gaming, and the Bangkok Titans. They came out of the group in second place and were drawn to play Fnatic in the quarterfinals but lost to them 3-0.


Current Season Statistics

LPL 2016 Summer Statistics
13 11 2 84.6 0.85 2.31 12.23 5.67 51.92 1.45 10.45k 292
7 7 0 100 0.86 2.86 14.57 5.40 46.57 1.22 11.17k 293
6 6 0 100 0.83 2.33 16.5 7.43 42.5 1.27 9.93k 298
4 2 2 50 1 3.25 9.5 3.23 24.75 0.64 10.4k 268
3 2 1 66.7 1 3.67 11.67 3.45 15.33 0.49 8.8k 283
3 3 0 100 1.33 2.67 15.33 6.25 22.33 0.67 10.07k 303
1 1 0 100 0 2 7 3.50 59 1.71 9.4k 273
Net: 37 32 5 86.5 0.89 2.65 13.14 5.30 41.27 1.16 10.3k 290
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