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2018 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • All-Stars
  • LCS
Regular Season
Jan 20th - Mar 18th 2018

1. C9logo std.png Cloud9 11 - 5
2. EFXlogo std.png Echo Fox 11 - 5
3. 100logo std.png 100 Thieves 10 - 6
4. ClutchGlogo std.png Clutch Gaming 10 - 6
5. Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 9 - 7
6. Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid 9 - 7
7. Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming 7 - 9
8. FLYlogo std.png FlyQuest 5 - 11
9. GGSlogo std.png Golden Guardians 4 - 12
10. OPTlogo std.png OpTic Gaming 4 - 12
Latest News
March 12th
HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Xico rejoins.
March 11th
FPXlogo std.png FPX Cool joins.
Lgdlogo std.png LGD 1ntruder rejoins.
Painlogo std.png paiN Gaming is relegated.
March 9th
MyMologo std.png MyMo LagsAlot joins as a sub.
KZlogo std.png KZ Rascal is removed from the team's roster for inappropriate online activities.
March 8th
GambitLogo std.png Gambit Lodik joins as a sub.
IGlogo std.png iG Kid retires.
AHQLogo std.png ahq M1ssion moves to mid laner.
March 7th
OPT.Alogo std.png OPT.A PieCakeLord joins.
7Hlogo std.png 7h Rokenia moves to top laner. HW4NG moves to mid laner.
GAMlogo std.png GAM Easylove leaves.
March 6th
AHQLogo std.png ahq Nestea joins. LBB leaves.
Logo std2.png Team Afro CooN leaves.
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Tournament Match Countdown
2018 PGS Spring
INFZ INFZlogo std.png vs Logo std2.png Team Manilla Eagles
LCK 2018 Spring
MVP MVPlogo std.png vs Freecslogo std.png AFs
LJL 2018 Spring
PENTAGRAM Logo std2.png vs 7Hlogo std.png 7h
LPL 2018 Spring
WE Welogo std.png vs IGlogo std.png iG
NA LCS 2018 Spring
100 100logo std.png vs ClutchGlogo std.png ClutchG
2018 PGS Spring
TNC Pro Team Logo std2.png vs Mineskilogo std.png Mineski
2018 TCL Winter
YouthCrew Esports Logo std2.png vs HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA
LCK 2018 Spring
bbq Bbqlogo std.png vs KTRolsterLogo std.png KT
LJL 2018 Spring
V3 Esports Logo std2.png vs Unsold Stuff Gaminglogo std.png USG
LMS 2018 Spring
G-Rex Logo std2.png vs Logo std2.png Team Afro
LPL 2018 Spring
Bilibili Gaming Logo std2.png vs JDGlogo std.png JDG
LPL 2018 Spring
LGD Lgdlogo std.png vs EDGlogo std.png EDG
NA LCS 2018 Spring
FLY FLYlogo std.png vs EFXlogo std.png EFX
2018 TCL Winter
DP Dark PassageLogo std.png vs SUPlogo std.png SUP
NA LCS 2018 Spring
Liquid Liquidlogo std.png vs C9logo std.png C9
2018 TCL Winter
AUR AURlogo std.png vs GLKlogo std.png GLK
NA LCS 2018 Spring
GGS GGSlogo std.png vs Tsmlogo std.png TSM
2018 TCL Winter
FEN FENlogo std.png vs Logo std2.png Royal Bandits
NA LCS 2018 Spring
CLG Clglogo std.png vs OPTlogo std.png OPT
EU LCS 2018 Spring
H2k H2klogo std.png vs ROCCATlogo std.png ROCCAT
EU LCS 2018 Spring
Giants Giantslogo std.png vs Splycelogo std.png Splyce
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