IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Singapore

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IEM Global Challenge Singapore
IEM 7 Singapore.jpg
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Event Type: Offline
Country Singapore Singapore
Format: Group Stage + Bracket
Prize pool: $ 44,000
Start Date: 2012-11-22
End Date: 2012-11-24
Links: Website


IEM Global Challenge Singapore will be the next event hosted and organized by ESL that will take place at the SITEX 2012 consumer electronic trade show from the 22nd to 25th of November. In addition to the League of Legends tournament, the event will also host a StarCraft 2 tournament, with the two tournaments sharing a $82,000 prizepool. The matches will be cast by Joe Miller, ButButButILY, ocelote, Deman, and Zenon.[1]


  • Eight teams in two groups of four
  • Groups are round robin best of one
  • Top two of each group advance to playoffs
    • In case of a tie, winners are determined by shortest match time
  • Bracket is single elimination, best of three
  • Top team qualifies for World Championship
  • Matches are played on the Elise Patch[2]

Prize Pool

$44,000 USD (Approximately €34,320 EUR) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) IEM S7 Team
Gold.png 1st $ 15,500 € 12,090 Direct seed Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers
Silver.png 2nd $ 8,500 € 6,630 +60 Allogo std.png Absolute Legends NA
SF.png 3rd-4th $ 4,500 € 3,510 +35 Klhlogo std.png Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Logo std2.png itadakimasu
5th-6th $ 3,000 € 2,340 +15 Allogo std.png Absolute Legends SG
EloHelllogo std.png EloHell
7th-8th $ 2,500 € 1,950 +10 Btlogo std.png Bangkok Titans
Armageddonlogo std.png Armageddon

*Converted prizes calculated on November 22nd, 2012 with a currency rate of 1 USD = 0.78 EUR provided by


EloHelllogo square.png
Poland ArQuel  
Poland Xaxus
Poland Overpow
Poland Woolite
Poland Elendix
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MeetYourMakerslogo square.png
Poland Czaru  
Poland Mokatte
Poland Makler
Poland Libik
Poland Kubon
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Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Kuala Lumpur Hunterslogo square.png
Malaysia MoNk3yz  
Malaysia donmuri
Malaysia GoldeNz
Malaysia JaeYoong
Malaysia Hagane
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Bangkok Titans
Bangkok Titanslogo square.png
Thailand SKLz  
Thailand NdD
Thailand leahslipper
Thailand NVM
Thailand Xeres
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Absolute Legends Singapore
Absolute Legendslogo square.png
Singapore Cwcwcw  
Singapore ReS
Singapore Apet
Singapore BBTY
Singapore mexi
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Armageddonlogo square.png
Singapore insidious  
Singapore Tyche
Singapore P
Singapore Aretyl
Singapore Kitty
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Default logo150.png
Singapore Maxodos  
Singapore DDan
Singapore KRYONICS
Singapore ValkyriaN
Singapore IFTP
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1 Curse Gaming EU was originally qualified, but was unable to attend due to schedule conflicts with DreamHack Winter 2012. Therefore the third place team from the Cross-Realm Qualifier, Kiedys Mialem Team, received their spot instead.
2 KT Rolster B and Azubu Blaze originally qualified, but were unable to attend to due schedule conflicts with OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013.[3]
3 Invictus Gaming originally qualified, but was unable to attend to due schedule conflicts with TGA Winter 2012
4 EloHell acquired the roster of Kiedys Mialem Team prior to the event.
5 CLG Prime originally qualified, but was unable to attend.


Group Stage

Group A
1. Allogo std.png Absolute Legends NA 2-1
2. Klhlogo std.png Kuala Lumpur Hunters 2-1
3. EloHelllogo std.png EloHell 2-1
4. Armageddonlogo std.png Armageddon 0-3
Group A Matches
aL NA Allogo std.png 1 0 Klhlogo std.png KLH
EloHell EloHelllogo std.png 1 0 Armageddonlogo std.png Arm
KLH Klhlogo std.png 1 0 Armageddonlogo std.png Arm
EloHell EloHelllogo std.png 1 0 Allogo std.png aL NA
KLH Klhlogo std.png 1 0 EloHelllogo std.png EloHell
aL NA Allogo std.png 1 0 Armageddonlogo std.png Arm
Group B
1. Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers 3-0
2. Logo std2.png itadakimasu 1-2
3. Allogo std.png Absolute Legends SG 1-2
4. Btlogo std.png Bangkok Titans 1-2
Group B Matches
MYM Mymlogo std.png 1 0 Allogo std.png aL SG
BKT Btlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png iTk
aL SG Allogo std.png 0 1 Logo std2.png iTk
MYM Mymlogo std.png 1 0 Btlogo std.png BKT
MYM Mymlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png iTk
BKT Btlogo std.png 0 1 Allogo std.png aL SG

Bracket Stage

  Semifinals Finals
  Allogo std.png aL NA 2
  Logo std2.png iTk 0
  Allogo std.png aL NA 1
  Mymlogo std.png MYM 2
  Mymlogo std.png MYM 2
  Klhlogo std.png KLH 0
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Regional Distribution

  North America EuropeAsia
Round of 8
Round of 4


External Links


  1. Ocelote joins Joe & ButButButILY in Singapore
  2. [IEM] Singapore Discussion
  3. 아주부 블레이즈-KT 롤스터 LOL팀, IEM7 불참 선언