IEM Season VIII - Singapore

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IEM Season VIII - Singapore
IEM S8 SG.jpg
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Event Type: Offline
Country Singapore Singapore
Prize pool: $ 50,000 + $ 20,000
Start Date: 2013-11-28
End Date: 2013-12-01
Links: Website

IEM Season VIII - Singapore is the fourth event of IEM Season VIII (third with LoL involved), organized by ESL. It will take place at the SITEX 2013 Consumer Electronic Trade Show in Singapore.


The English stream will be cast by Joe Miller, Jason Kaplan, Reid "RAPiD" Melton, and Dan "EGAD" Caruso. Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner and Eefje "sjokz" Depoortere will host.[1]


Pro Tournament

  • Six teams (1 KR Team, 1 CN Team, 2 GPL Teams, 2 SEA qualifier)

Amateur Tournament

  • Four teams (4 SEA qualifier)

Prize Pool

Pro Tournament

$ 50,000 USD (Approximately € 36,785 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 25,000 € 18,392 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Silver.png 2nd $ 10,000 € 7,357 CJElogo std.png CJ Entus Frost
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 5,000 € 3,679 TaipeiSnipersLogo std.png Taipei Snipers
SAJlogo std.png Saigon Jokers
5th/6th $ 2,500 € 1,839 Ssentinelslogo std.png Singapore Sentinels
Tpa std.png Taipei Assassins

Amateur Tournament

$ 20,000 USD (Approximately € 14,714 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 10,000 € 7,357 CGA Lslogo std.png CGA LEGENDs
Silver.png 2nd $ 5,000 € 3,679 HKAlogo std.png HK Attitude
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 2,500 € 1,839 DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN FocusMe
Klhlogo std.png Kuala Lumpur Hunters


Pro Tournament

CJ Entus Frost
CJ Entus Frostlogo square.png
South Korea Shy  
South Korea Helios
South Korea MakNooN
South Korea Space
South Korea MadLife
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Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaminglogo square.png
China PDD  
China illuSioN
China Zzitai
China Kid
China Lovecryboy
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Taipei Snipers
Taipei Sniperslogo square.png
Taiwan Zonda  
Taiwan Winds
Taiwan NeXAbc
Taiwan GoDJJ
Taiwan MiSTakE
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Saigon Jokers
Saigon Jokerslogo square.png
Vietnam QTV  
Vietnam Safety
Vietnam Optimus
Vietnam Archie
Vietnam Junie
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Taipei Assassins
Taipei Assassinslogo square.png
Taiwan Achie  
Taiwan DinTer
Taiwan Morning
Taiwan bebe
Taiwan Jay
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Singapore Sentinels
Singapore Sentinelslogo square.png
Singapore BeNw  
Singapore HaRleLuYaR
Singapore Kryonics
Singapore Chawy
Singapore Kailing
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Amateur Tournament

DetonatioN FocusMe
DetonatioN Gaminglogo square.png
Japan gorira13  
Japan Anelace
Japan Ceros
Japan iimitai
Japan PresidentMaa
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HK Attitude
HK Attitudelogo square.png
Hong Kong Wind  
Hong Kong Fai
Hong Kong PaSa
Hong Kong Ngod
Hong Kong Perhaps
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CGA LEGENDslogo square.png
Hong Kong ReD  
Hong Kong PeehSmite
Hong Kong 228
Hong Kong GodKwai
Hong Kong sean
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Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Kuala Lumpur Hunterslogo square.png
Malaysia GoldeN  
Malaysia XXF
Malaysia JaeYoong
Malaysia wAhzLeNs
Malaysia RedHotRayz
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Pro Tournament

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Match
  IGlogo std.png iG 2
  TaipeiSnipersLogo std.png TPS 2
  TaipeiSnipersLogo std.png TPS 0
  Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS 0
  IGlogo std.png iG 2
  CJElogo std.png CJ Frost 0
  CJElogo std.png CJ Frost 2
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 2
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 0
  Tpa std.png TPA 0

Amateur Tournament

  Semifinals Finals
  DTNGlogo std.png DFM 1
  CGA Lslogo std.png CGA Ls 2
  CGA Lslogo std.png CGA Ls 2
  HKAlogo std.png HKA 1
  HKAlogo std.png HKA 2
  Klhlogo std.png KLH 0

Celebrity Aram

   Logo std2.png JOE 0
   Logo std2.png JAS 1
Team Rosters
PDDIGlogo std.png  CJElogo std.png Shy
MakNooNCJElogo std.png  Ssentinelslogo std.png Chawy
sjokz Esltumbnail.png RpPoints.png Taco Storm
Ferlyn Yoshimi JCG logo small.png Esltumbnail.png ReDeYe
Joe Miller Esltumbnail.png Esltumbnail.png Jason Kaplan

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  1. Singapore: Our League of Legends commentators