Giants Only The Brave

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Giants Only The Brave
Giants Gaminglogo square.png
Team Information
Location: Spain Spain
Coaches: Alejandro "Jandro" Fernández
Marcus "Blumigan" Blom
Asier "Madmarti" Gómez
Managers: Victor "Totor" Tobío
Sponsor(s): Ozone Gaming Gear
VS Gamers
Youtube: Giants Gaming
Facebook: Giants Gaming
Twitter: GiantsGaming
Organization: Giants Gaming
Sister Team (Current): Giants Academy
Created: 2015-02-04

Giants Only The Brave is the sister team of Giants Gaming.



  • 2016
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • January 9th, Minitroupax joins. Guilhoto joins as Head Coach. [1]
  • January 10th, Joo joins. [2]

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency Spain Th3Antonio Antonio Espinosa 01 Top
Current Official Residency Spain Fr3deric Federico Lizondo 02 Jungle
Current Official Residency Lithuania Saulius Saulius Lukošius 03 Mid
Current Official Residency Portugal Minitroupax Amadeu Carvalho 04 AD
Current Official Residency Portugal Joo João Pereira 05 Support
Current Official Residency Spain Razork Iván Martín 07 Sub/Jungle


C ID Name Role Next Team
Netherlands Zhergoth Benjamin Sánchez 01 Top
Spain Falco Jesús Pérez 05 Support Logo std2.png ThunderX3 Baskonia
Spain Samux Samuel Fernández 04 AD UOLlogo std.png Unicorns Of Love
Spain Nixerino Nicolas Colocho 09 Sub/AD G2logo std.png G2 Vodafone
Spain Hero Miguel Fernández 02 Jungle
Netherlands Pride Milo Wehnes 07 Sub/Jungle
Spain Darko Diego Rebollo 10 Sub/Support
Austria Wardain Adrian Müry 01 Top Retired.png Retired
Netherlands Special Joran Scheffer 03 Mid
Sweden Treatz Erik Wessén 06 Sub/Top ROCCATlogo std.png Team ROCCAT
Spain Ivanetix Iván Manguelluzo 09 Sub/AD Dimegio ClubLogo std.png Dimegio Club
Spain neptuNo Alberto González Molinillo 03 Mid
Spain Karakal JR Daniel Méndez 10 Sub/Support Logo std2.png TPGM
Spain jer0m Jerónimo Pujades Tárraga 01 Top Basklogo std.png Baskonia eSports
France Prime Olivier Payet 05 Support Aaalogo std.png against All authority
Spain Haqriim Aarón Martínez 10 Sub/Support PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
Sweden Hustlin Morgan Granberg 05 Support Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain Itsi Ignacio García Viñas 02 Jungle Basklogo std.png Baskonia eSports
United Kingdom Caedrel Marc Robert Lamont 03 Mid RENlogo std.png Renegades: Banditos
Spain FastDragon Alejandro Pérez Márquez 05 Support FMFlogo std.png FMF eSports Club
Spain Reven Antonio Pino 01 Top PAMlogo std.png PAM
Portugal Rafa Eduardo Rafael Moreira 02 Jungle Celeriuslogo std.png Celerius e-Sports
Spain miniduke Ismael Martínez 03 Mid WSystemlogo std.png wSystem
Spain KaitoS Alberto Mora 04 AD
Spain ElPuPaS Juan Manuel Álvarez 03 Mid



C ID Name Position
Portugal Guilhoto André Guilhoto Head Coach
Spain Haqriim Aarón Martínez Strategic Coach
Spain Totor Victor Tobío Team Manager
Spain Xilan Raúl Campos Psychosociologist


C ID Name Position Next Team
Spain Jandro Alejandro Fernández-Valdés Head Coach
Spain Madmarti Asier Gómez Assistant Coach PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
Sweden Treatz Erik Wessén 11 Analyst
Sweden Blumigan Marcus Blom 11 Strategic Coach
Spain Fochi D Adolfo Biosca Román Head Coach Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain koNN Eduardo Hoyos Analyst Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain Hernando Javier Hernando Assistant Coach
Spain BromaS José Antonio Ramos Assistant Coach
Spain VicTpM Victor Corrales Head Coach Overlogo std.png OverGaming
Spain Japo Cristian Sierra Head Coach

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-02-20 A22nd 2016 ESL Masters Spain Barcelona 0 : 2 Basklogo std.png Baskonia eSports € 1,250
2016-01-12 I1ZNQ EUCS 2016 Spring Qualifiers 0 : 3 Milllogo std.png Millenium
2015-12-06 A11st Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 9 3 : 1 CLlogo std.png CooLife Gaming € 5,000
2015-10-20 A77 - 8th PGL Legends of the Rift S1 0 : 3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-07-26 A11st Gamepolis 2015 2 : 1 Logo std2.png Chat Restriction € 2,000
2015-07-17 A33 - 4th Island of Legends 2015 1 : 2 PainGlogo std.png PainGaming € 1,250
2015-06-28 A33 - 4th Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 8 0 : 2 XPlogo std.png xPerience eSports Club € 1,000
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-10 A11st LVP Season 9 Sprint 2 2 : 0 Celeriuslogo std.png Celerius e-Sports € 1,600
2015-10-14 A22nd PGL Legends of the Rift S1 - Group Stage 0 : 2 TIaBlogo std.png To Infinity and Beyond $ 500 + Last Chance
2015-10-06 A33 - 4th LVP Season 9 Sprint 1 0 : 2 BKNAlogo std.png Baskonia Atlantis € 500
2015-06-16 A33 - 4th LVP Season 8 Sprint 3 0 : 1 XPlogo std.png xPerience eSports Club € 250
2015-04-29 A11st LVP Season 8 Sprint 2 1 : 0 ATLlogo std.png Atlantis eSports € 600
2015-03-18 A22nd LVP Season 8 Sprint 1 0 : 1 Overlogo std.png OverGaming € 500


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