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Background Information
Name: Lee Ho-jong (이호종)
Country of Birth: South Korea South Korea
Birthday: August 13, 1992 (1992-08-13) (age 25)
Residency: News Label - Korea.png Korea
Team: FlyQuest
Role: Top
Favorite champions:     
Alternate IDs: CJ Entus 플레임, Azubu Flame, CJ Entus 플렘, Goldtec
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (KR)
Social Media and Links
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Team History
Oct 2012 - Feb 2013
Azblogo std.png Azubu Blaze
Feb 2013 - Dec 2014
CJElogo std.png CJ Entus Blaze
Dec 2014 - Dec 2015
Lgdlogo std.png LGD Gaming
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
LongZhulogo std.png Longzhu Gaming
Dec 2016 - Nov 2017
IMTlogo std.png Immortals
Nov 2017 - Present
FLYlogo std.png FlyQuest

Lee "Flame" Ho-jong (이호종) is the top laner for FlyQuest.


Lee "Flame" Ho-jong was born in Busan, South Korea, and later moved to Ilsan. He has trained in progaming since he was young and enjoys it, having played League of Legends since October 2012, primarily playing toplane.

Season 2

Flame entered the pro scene after being scouted from soloqueue and passing a test in Seoul to start playing with Azubu Blaze as their top laner, originally under the name Goldtec. He played his first tournament with Blaze during IGN ProLeague Season 5. Blaze placed third in their group and were forced to play in the loser's finals. They made it all the way to the third round but lost 2-1 to Moscow 5.

Season 3

Blaze qualified for the IEM Katowice where they placed second after losing 2-0 to Gambit Gaming. Blaze finally got to play in a OGN together during OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013. They lost two best of 5s in the semifinals to Azubu Frost, 3-2 both times. They then had to play against KT Rolster B in the third place match but lost 3-0. Blaze left the Azubu organization in February and joined CJ Entus to create CJ Entus Blaze. Blaze was invited to the IEM World Championship, this time making it to the finals and beating their sister team, CJ Entus Frost, 3-1. Blaze came back to Korea for OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 and they managed to win 13 games in a row but were upset 3-0 by MVP Ozone, marking the biggest upset in League of Legends history at the time. Blaze had a much less successful HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013, losing 3-2 in the quarterfinals to the KT Rolster Bullets. Blaze qualified for the Season 3 Korea Regional Finals but lost 3-0 in the first round to the Bullets again. The team managed to qualify for the 2013 World Cyber Games and swept the whole tournament, ending with a 2-0 finals against OMG.

2014 Season

Blaze started the new season at PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 but lost again to the KT Bullets 3-1 in the quarterfinals. Blaze impressed again at HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 but lost a very close 3-2 series to NaJin White Shield in the semifinals. Blaze lost in the third place match 3-2 to Samsung Ozone to end in fourth place. HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 marked the worst season in Blaze's history, where they failed to make it out of the group stage for the first time ever. Though Flame was initially thought to be remaining on CJ Entus after the organization consolidated its two teams into a single roster, on December 1st the organization announced that Flame had left the team.[1]

2015 Season

Flame and LGD played in the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season but lost in the quarterfinals 3-0 to Invictus Gaming. They only placed sixth in the 2015 LPL Spring Regular Season but in the 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs they made it all the way to the finals, eventually losing 3-2 to EDward Gaming. They had the same result as the last Demacia Cup in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season, losing 3-0 to OMG in the quarterfinals. LGD placed fifth in the 2015 LPL Summer Regular Season but managed to win the 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs with a 3-2 victory over the Qiao Gu Reapers. This victory clinched LGD the top Chinese seed for the 2015 World Championship. LGD was placed in a group alongside Team SoloMid, Origen, and KT Rolster. Unfortunately, they ended with a 2-4 record and were knocked out of the tournament.

2016 Preseason

LGD were the fan-voted team to attend IEM San Jose. They were knocked out in the first round, losing 2-0 to Team SoloMid, with Flame and Acorn each playing one game. Flame left LGD after IEM, and in late December he returned to Korea, joining Incredible Miracle.[2] Incredible Miracle rebranded to Longzhu on January 3rd, 2016.


  • Prior to joining Blaze he was known as Goldtec.
  • Considered by many pros and analysts as one of the 3 Top Lane Gods, a position held by the 3 most dominant Top Lane players of all time along with Shy and Smeb.
  • Prior to becoming a professional player, he was known to curse frequently at his teammates in solo queue.
  • In Korea, some fans use the phrase "Your mother is a bitch" when supporting Flame, a common curse he used to use.
  • Considered the pioneer of the legendary "Korean Kennen" build, an extremely strong hybrid item build that led to  Kennen, Doran's Blade, Blade of the Ruined King and Twin Shadows getting heavily nerfed by Riot.
  • Considered the best  Kennen player of all time.
  • Along with Shy he is considered the best  Jayce player of all time, for his incredible mechanics on him.
  • Along with Save he is considered the best  Shyvana player of all time.
  • Along with Marin and Ssumday he is considered the best  Renekton player of all time.
  • Along with Acorn, Gogoing and Marin he is considered the best  Rumble player of all time.
  • Considered the best  Gangplank player in the world by many analysts.
  • His favorite champions are  Irelia and  Kennen.
  • In Season 2, he played 3286 games. 706 games with Kennen, 574 games with Irelia, 433 games with Nidalee, and 403 games with Vladimir. He didn't play any other Top lane champions.
  • English OGN casters DoA and Montecristo coined the term 'The Flame Angle' for his ability to seamlessly dive on to the opponent's priority targets even if they are protected by a strong front line.
  • Has a lot of female fans in Korea LoL community because of his handsome face as well as his dominant performance in top lane.
  • Credits his motivation to be a pro lol player with the success he head after moving to Seoul and enjoying his time there.
  • Thinks that the rest of the world has fallen behind Korea competitively as a result of foreign players not treating it as professionally as Korean players do.
  • In his spare time he enjoys exercising and playing physical sports.
  • Is called the "Pilot" because he can carry his team hard to victory.
  • Awarded Best Top Laner at 2013 Korean e-Sports Awards. [3]
  • Considered by Thorin the best player in Korea to not win an OGN tournament.
  • His "Reflections" interview with Thorin for onGamers is considered one of the best interviews of LoL eSport's history.[4]
  • Learned to play the piano at a very young age and enjoys both music and working out.
  • The phrase "Flame Horizon" refers to the situation where one team's top laner has a CS advantage of more than 100 over his opponent. It refers to Flame's propensity for achieving such a big advantage over his opponent in lane.



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