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The ESL Pro Series Poland (EPS Poland) is a series of Polish e-Sport events established in 2011. It features various e-Sport titles. League of Legends was included for the first time in VI Season 2013, which was the sixth edition of the series.

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In 2015 changed its name to: ESL Polish National Championship (ESL Mistrzostwa Polski)

Spring 2015


  • Qualifiers
  • The First Group stage 16 best Teams in the qualification
    • 4 Groups ( A , B , C , D )
    • Double elimination bracket
    • Bo3 matches
  • The Second Group stage 8 best Teams in the first phase of the group
    • 2 Groups ( E , F )
    • Double elimination bracket
    • Bo3 matches
    • First 2 Teams go Finals for 1st/4th place
    • Other 2 Teams go other tournament online for 5th/8th ESL Mistrzostwa Polski


Team League Date Winner Runner-Up
Season VI (2013-05-02 – 2013-06-09) Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers AnexisLogo std.png Anexis eSports
Season VII (2013-10-04 – 2013-12-06) KMTlogo std.png Kiedys Mialem Team Pulse Esports std.png Pulse Esports
Season VIII (2014-06-01 – 2014-07-06) Reason Gaminglogo std.png Reason Gaming Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports EU
Season IX (2014-09-20 – 2014-11-29) Reason Gaminglogo std.png Reason Gaming Samplelogo std.png Sample Text
Spring 2015 (2015-04-15 – 2015-??-??) KMTlogo std.png Kiedys Mialem Team ATBlogo std.png ATB Gaming