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Team has Renamed.
ESC Ever
Ever Logo.png
Team Information
Location: South Korea South Korea
Coaches: Kim Ga-ram
Kim "Ares" Min-kwon
Team Captain: Kim "Crazy" Jae-hee
Sponsor(s): esportsconnected
Facebook: ESC EVER with ESportsconnected
Twitter: espconnected

ESC Ever was previously a South Korean team. They are now known as bbq Olivers.


2015 Season

Ever began their season playing in the Challengers Korea Spring 2015 Series 1 where they placed 5-8th after losing 0-2 to OverWM. Challengers Korea Spring 2015 Series 2 went even worse for them when they dropped out in the first round with a 0-2 loss to MKZ. Ever competed in Challengers Korea Summer 2015, finishing second overall with an 8-2 record. They beat Winners 3-0 in the first round of the Challengers Korea Summer 2015 Playoffs but lost 1-3 to Dark Wolves in the finals. Their top 2 placing guaranteed them a spot in the LCK 2016 Season Spring Promotion Tournament. They faced off against SBENU Sonicboom but lost 1-3 to them.

2016 Preseason

Prior to the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, Ever brought in former KT Rolster jungler Ares (additionally, support TML renamed to Key). With the new team, they upset Samsung Galaxy and Rebels Anarchy in the first two rounds. Expected to fall 0-2 to recent World Champions SK Telecom, who tried out substitute Scout onstage for the first time in game 1, Ever shocked audiences by not only winning that first game but sweeping the team 2-0, even with Faker playing the second game. Against CJ Entus in the finals, Ever once again swept the series, this time 3-0, and qualified for IEM Cologne as Korea's only seed to the event. Recognized for his strong Bard play, Key was named the tournament's MVP. Ever continued their strong performance at IEM, defeating H2k 2-1 and then Qiao Gu 3-2 to win the tournament. Their victory marked the first time since the inception of the League Championship Series in 2013 that a team unable to qualify for their domestic premier league won a major international event.

In late December 2015, Athena accepted an offer to join Edward Gaming, stopping their KeSPA Cup and IEM Cologne lineup from playing at another event.[1] He was eventually replaced by Tempt.[2]

2016 Season

During the preseason, allegations had arisen that support Key had engaged in Elo boosting activities.[3] The allegations were never proven, and no official action was taken against him, but Ever took their own disciplinary action and sat him out for the first 12 games of Challengers.[4] Totoro started for the team in his place. With Totoro, Ever went 9-3.

At the time of competing at IEM Katowice (which they had an invitation to due to winning IEM Cologne), Ever were in second place in Challengers, after losing a series 0-2 to MVP. Despite a round-one surprise upset win over Team SoloMid, Ever lost to Royal Never Give Up and then a rematch series against TSM to be eliminated before the playoff bracket. Following IEM Katowice, however, the team continued to perform well in the Korean Challenger circuit, eventually defeating MVP to finish first place before defeating SBENU Sonicboom 3-0 in the promotion tournament to earn their place in the LCK.

During the 2016 LCK Summer Season, ESC Ever went 5-13 in total sets, with one notable upset victory over SK Telecom T1. However, they still finished the split in ninth place, leading them to participate in the 2017 LCK Spring Promotion tournament. In the first round, they beat SBENU Korea 2-1 before falling to Kongdoo Monster 3-1. In the deciding loser's match, ESC Ever swept CJ Entus to earn their spot back in the LCK.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
South Korea Crazy Kim Jae-hee (김재희) 01 Top Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Firetrap Jin Jae-seung (진재승) 01 Top Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Bless Choi Hyeon-woong (최현웅) 02 Jungle Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Tempt Kang Myung-gu (강명구) 03 Mid Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Ghost Jang Yong-jun (장용준) 04 AD Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Totoro Eun Jong-seop (은종섭) 05 Support Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Ares Kim Min-kwon (김민권) 02 Jungle Coachlogo std.png Coach
South Korea LokeN Lee Dong-wook (이동욱) 04 AD QGlogo std.png Qiao Gu Reapers
South Korea Key Kim Han-gi (김한기) 05 Support ROXTlogo std.png ROX Tigers
South Korea Ryan Lee Jun-seok (이준석) 02 Jungle
South Korea Police Park Hyeong-gi (박형기) 04 AD Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
South Korea Athena Kang Ha-woon (강하운) 03 Mid EDGlogo std.png EDward Gaming
South Korea HamBurgeR Lee Jong-jin (이종진) 01 Top
South Korea MorNinG Song Chang-geun (송창근) 01 Top DKWlogo std.png Dark Wolves
South Korea 희성 An Hui-seong (안희성) 05 Support WaYlogo std.png WaY



C ID Name Position Next Team
South Korea Kim Ga-ram (김가람) Head Coach Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Ares Kim Min-kwon (김민권)) 11 Strategic Coach Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers
South Korea Cho Gye-hyeon (조계현) Coach Freecslogo std.png Afreeca Freecs

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-18 KeSPA logo small.png A33 - 4th 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup 0 : 2 Kongdoo Monsterlogo std.png Kongdoo Monster ₩ 10,000,000
2016-08-27 Ogn logo.png I1Q LCK 2017 Spring Promotion 3 : 0 CJElogo std.png CJ Entus
2016-08-06 Ogn logo.png A99th LCK 2016 Summer Season 5 : 13 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2016-04-28 Ogn logo.png I1Q LCK 2016 Summer Promotion 3 : 0 SBENUlogo std.png SBENU Sonicboom
2016-04-16 CK logo.png A11st Challengers Korea 2016 Spring Playoffs 3 : 2 MVPlogo std.png MVP ₩ 20,000,000
2016-03-29 CK logo.png A22nd Challengers Korea 2016 Spring Season 8-3-3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2016-03-04 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM Season X - World Championship 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid $ 3,500
2015-12-20 Esltumbnail.png A11st IEM Season X - Cologne 3 : 2 QGlogo std.png Qiao Gu Reapers $ 25,000
2015-11-14 KeSPA logo small.png A11st 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup 3 : 0 CJElogo std.png CJ Entus ₩ 40,000,000
2015-09-12 Ogn logo.png I1ZNQ LCK 2016 Spring Promotion 1 : 3 SBENUlogo std.png SBENU Sonicboom
2015-08-23 CK logo.png A22nd Challengers Korea 2015 Summer Playoffs 1 : 3 DKWlogo std.png Dark Wolves ₩ 12,000,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-03-10 A99 - 16th Challengers Korea 2015 Spring Series 2 0 : 2 MKZlogo std.png MKZ
2015-02-12 A55 - 8th Challengers Korea 2015 Spring Series 1 0 : 2 Logo std2.png OverWM ₩ 2,000,000

Highlight Videos


  • 2016
  • 2015


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