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The Glorious Executioner
Release Date: June 5, 2012
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BE 4800 IP 880 RP
Attribute: Marksman
Resource: Mana
Health Mini Icon.png Health: 557.76 (+ 82)
HealthRegen Mini Icon.png Health Regen: 6.175 (+ 0.7)
Mana Mini Icon.png Mana: 360.56 (+ 39)
ManaRegen Mini Icon.png Mana Regen: 8.04 (+ 0.65)
MovementSpeed Mini Icon.png Movespeed: 330
AttackDamage Mini Icon.png Attack Damage: 55.8 (+ 2.91)
AttackSpeed Mini Icon.png Attack Speed: 0.679 (+ 2.7%)
Range Mini Icon.png Range: 550
Armor Mini Icon.png Armor: 25.544 (+ 3.3)
MagicResist Mini Icon.png Magic Resist: 30 (+ 0)
Soul Reaver Draven Released: 2012-06-06 / 1350 RP
Gladiator DravenReleased: 2013-03-25 / 975 RP
Primetime DravenReleased: 2014-06-21 / 975 RP
Pool Party DravenReleased: 2015-06-26 / 975 RP
Beast Hunter DravenReleased: 2016-02-04 / 750 RP
Draven DravenReleased: 2016-04-01 / 500 RP


Unlike his brother  Darius, victory in battle was never enough for Draven. He craved recognition, acclaim, and glory. He first sought greatness in the Noxian military, but his flair for the dramatic went severely underappreciated. Thirsting for a method to share "Draven" with the world, he turned his attention to the prison system. There he carved out the celebrity he desired by turning the tedious affair of executions into a premiere spectacle.

At Draven's first execution, he shocked onlookers when he ordered the doomed prisoner to run for dear life. Just before the man managed to flee from sight, Draven brought him down with a flawless throw of his axe. Soon, all Draven's executions became a gauntlet through which Noxian prisoners raced for a final chance at life. He used this trial as his own personal stage, and turned executions into a leading form of entertainment. He rallied onlookers into a frenzy, while desperate prisoners scrambled to evade him. They never succeeded. Rejecting the solemn, black uniforms of Noxian executioners Draven donned bright outfits and developed flashy signature moves to distinguish himself. Crowds flocked to see Draven in action, and tales of his performances spread quickly. As his popularity grew, so did his already-inflated ego. He belonged at the center of attention. Before long, the scope of his ambitions outgrew the population of Noxus. He decided that the glorious exploits of Draven should be put on display for the entire world.

"The best is wherever I decide to set the bar each day."

-  Draven


PassiveLeague of Draven
League of Draven.png
(Innate) Draven gains a stack of Adoration when he catches a Spinning Axe or kills a minion, monster, or tower. He also gets 2 bonus stacks when kill 6 minions in a row without dropping an axe.

When Draven kills an enemy champion, he gains 50 bonus gold and consumes his Adoration stacks, gaining 2 additional gold per stack.

Draven loses half his Adoration stacks upon death.

QSpinning AxeBanshee's Veil.png
Spinning Axe.png
(Active) Draven's next attack will deal bonus physical damage. The bonus is equal to a percentage of his total attack damage.
This axe will ricochet off the target high up into the air. So long as Draven catches it, Spinning Axe will keep applying to his next attack.
Cooldown permitting, Draven can have up to two Spinning Axes readied at once.
Cost: 45 mana
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds
Bonus Physical Damage: (45% / 55% / 65% / 75% / 85% of total Attack Damage)

WBlood Rush
Blood Rush.png
(Active) Draven gains increased movement speed for 1.5 seconds and increased attack speed for 3 seconds. The movement speed bonus decreases rapidly over its duration.
Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh Blood Rush's cooldown.
Cost: 40 mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Bonus Movement Speed: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%
Bonus Attack Speed: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

EStand AsideBanshee's Veil.png
Stand Aside.png
(Active) Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage to targets hit and knocking them aside. Targets hit are slowed for 2 seconds.
Cost: 70 mana
Range: 1,050
Cooldown: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 seconds
Physical Damage: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210
(+50% of bonus Attack Damage)
Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

RWhirling DeathBanshee's Veil.png
Whirling Death.png
(Active): Draven hurls two massive axes in a given direction, dealing physical damage to every unit struck.
Upon reaching the edge of the map, striking an enemy champion or upon the reactivation of Whirling Death, the axes will slowly come to a stop before changing direction and returning to Draven: dealing the same damage to every unit struck on the way back.
Whirling Death deals 8% less damage for each unit hit, down to a minimum of 40%. The damage reduction resets when the axes reverse direction.
Cost: 120 mana
Cooldown: 110 seconds
Range: Global (20,000)
Physical Damage (one hit): 175 / 275 / 375
(+110% of bonus Attack Damage)
Maximum Physical Damage (single target): 350 / 550 / 750
(+220% of bonus Attack Damage)
Minimum Physical Damage (one hit): 70 / 110 / 150
(+44% of bonus Attack Damage)
Minimum Physical Damage (two hits): 140 / 220 / 300
(+88% of bonus Attack Damage)

Competitive Usage

In Premier Tournaments
Event Bans Picks Wins Losses Win % Picked/Banned in % of Games
Ogn logo.png HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 11 4 2 2 50 17.6
LCS logo 25x25.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 0 1 0 1 0 5.6
LCS logo 25x25.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 2 8 6 2 75 8.8
LCS logo 25x25.png 2014 EU LCS Spring Round Robin 3 2 2 0 100 4.4
RpPoints.png 2014 EU Challenger Series Spring Playoffs 4 2 1 1 50 35.3

Patch History


Though a bit odd on paper, these changes together give Draven greater control of the trajectory and positioning necessary to his flashy style of looking good while laying down axes.


BASE MANA : 310.56 360.56
ATTACK FRAME : 0.32 0.23

Draven now tells his team how great he is. Also gets bonus stacks for neat tricks.

As Draven himself would tell you, the only real objective in League of Legends is the bottom lane - especially when he’s in it. As a marksman with exceptional snowball potential, Draven wishes you’d focus on setting him up to dominate by helping him cash in Adoration stacks and rake in millions of gold in combat stats. Now Draven’s more communicative when he’s about to break the bank; maybe he’ll stop pinging for you to come gank (probably not).

League of Draven.png Passive - League of Draven

NEW COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK : Upon reaching 150 stacks, notifies Draven's team every 100 stacks (150, 250, 350, etc)
NEW ALL EYES ON ME : Notifies Draven's team every time he cashes in on a kill of at least 150 stacks
NEW 100% OF THE TIME, EVERY TIME : Draven gets 2 bonus stacks of Adoration if he kills 6 minions in a row without dropping a spinning axe

v3.11 Summary: Draven’s passive will now consume all stacks on kill to grant bonus gold, although the gold granted per stack has been reduced by 1. Additionally, Draven’s passive will grant at least 50 bonus gold per kill.

Context: Considering Draven is obviously the greatest champion ever in League of Legends, his new League of Draven passive feels a little flat right now. We’re looking at ways of making his Adoration mechanic more rewarding - both functionally and visually – during late game and multikills.

  • League of Draven
    • Now grants a base 50 Gold bonus upon killing an enemy champion (from 0)
    • Now consumes all Adoration stacks on kill to reward Draven with Gold (previously only consuming half)
    • Gold per Adoration stack consumed reduced to 2 (from 3)
    • Visuals and sounds for League of Draven play on every Draven kill, instead of only playing on kills which consumed a large number of stacks

v3.09 We lowered the early game damage output Draven got from his passive since it wasn't adding much in terms of satisfying gameplay. Unfortunately, to get the numbers right, we realized we would need to reduce his passive damage to a point where it would be even less satisfying. We instead opted to rework Draven's passive altogether into something that reinforces his current gameplay, something so… Draven… even his opponents will feel begrudged to applaud: Welcome… to the League of Draven.

  • League of Draven (New Passive)
    • When Draven catches a Spinning Axe, or kills a minion or monster, he gains one stack of Adoration. When Draven kills an enemy champion, he consumes half of his Adoration stacks and gains 3 gold per stack consumed. Draven loses half of his Adoration stacks upon death.

In Patch 3.5, we changed Draven's Spinning Axe to lead Draven more accurately when he was benefitting from movement speed increases. Unfortunately, these changes were very disruptive for dedicated Draven players and didn't offer enough potential for skilled players to showcase their skill through covering long distances between throwing and catching. We decided to revert the change.

  • Spinning Axe
    • Reverted a recent change affecting how Draven was led by Spinning Axe, restoring prior functionality
    • Axe drop location will no longer be placed on the far side of impassable terrain from Draven


  • Spinning Axe
    • Now leads Draven more accurately when he is benefiting from Movement Speed increases
    • Axe drop location will no longer be placed partially inside walls / terrain


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.

October 20th Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug where  Draven's Spinning Axe would occasionally fail to bounce off of enemies

 Draven released

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