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Team has Disbanded.
Counter Logic Gaming Black
Counter Logic Gaminglogo square.png
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Coaches: We "Dynasty" Li
Managers: Samantha "samy" Elias
Team Captain: Thomas "Thinkcard" Slotkin
Sponsor(s): Razer
Youtube: CLGaming
Facebook: CLGaming
IRC: #CLGaming
Twitter: clgaming
Sister Team (Current): Counter Logic Gaming
Created (1): 2012-05-21
Disbanded (1): 2012-12-28
Created (2): 2015-01-27
Disbanded (2): 2016-xx-xx

Counter Logic Gaming Black was founded on May 21st, 2012 as the third League of Legends team for Counter Logic Gaming and disbanded later that year on December 28th. In January 2015, it was reformed.


Formation of Counter Logic Gaming Black

On April 30th, 2012, Counter Logic Gaming announced through saintvicious's twitter that the organization was looking for players to form a CLG B team.[1] The team was finalized and officially created on May 21st, 2012, with Hoodstomp and LiNk coming from Orbit Gaming, Bloodwater coming from 4Not.Fire, Zuna coming from mTw.NA, and Sycho Sid.[2]

Season 2

Counter Logic Gaming Black's first event together was the National ESL Premier League Season 3 on May 30th, where they had 2-0 victories over Team Green Forest, Absolute Legends NA, and Lzuruha Gaming to take home first place and the grand prize of $2,000.

On June 15th, 2012, CLG Black attended their first LAN tournament, competing in the GIGABYTE Esports LAN. CLG Black went 2-1 in the group stage, defeating Team Green Forest and Curse Gaming, but losing to Team SoloMid. They placed second in the group, advancing to the playoffs where they defeated DirtNap Gaming and Team Dynamic 2-0. They played against Team SoloMid in the finals, losing 0-2, and finishing second with a cash prize of $3,000.

On July 14th, 2012, CLG Black participated in the Leaguecraft ggClassic Presented by Arqade. They went 4-1 in the group stage. In the playoffs, they first defeated Curse Gaming 2-0 but then lost to Team Dynamic 1-2, dropping them into the loser's bracket. They then beat mTw.NA 2-0 and faced Team Dynamic in the finals. They beat Dynamic 3-2 in the first series and then played a best-of-three for the grand finals which they lost 1-2, finishing second with a cash prize of $2,000.

On December 28th, CLG Black disbands due to differences in aspirations of members amongst the team.

Season 5

In January 2015, CLG formed a new Challenger team, which also bore the name CLG Black. They played in the Challenger ladder under the name crushed dreamz to qualify for the NACS Spring Qualifier. There, they defeated Rock Bottom Gorillas and Team Liquid Academy to successfully qualify for the spring season. However, in the spring season they placed sixth and last, after playing the last day with their manager samy substituting as support and losing a tiebreaker to TSM Darkness. CLG Black retained their summer season qualifier seed from having participated in the spring season, receiving a first-round bye. However, after defeating Maelstrom, Stixxay was banned for two weeks (weeks 2 and 3 of the split) because of toxicity.[3] Using substitute AD carry Frost, they lost to Cloud9 Tempest and then to Magnetic, missing out on the NACS summer season.


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2012

Player Roster


Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Canada Wild Turtle Jason Tran 03 Mid USA LiNk 2012 MLG Summer Championship


C ID Name Role Next Team
Canada InnoX Tyson Kapler 03 Mid
USA KeNNy Kenny Nguyen 01 Top NMElogo std.png Enemy
USA Thinkcard Thomas Slotkin 02 Jungle NMElogo std.png Enemy
USA KEITHMCBRIEF Yuri Jew 04 AD EFXlogo std.png Echo Fox
Bulgaria Unlimited Petar Georgiev 05 Support Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
USA Lourlo Samson Jackson 01 Top Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
France Huhi Choi Jae-hyun (최재현) 03 Mid Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA Stixxay Trevor Hayes 04 AD Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA scarra William Li 03 Mid
USA s7efen Stephen Madigan 10 Sub/Support
Brazil Rakin Rafael Knittel 08 Sub/Mid Bravelogo std.png Brave e-Sports
USA Frost Parsa Baghai 09 Sub/AD
USA Easy Brandon Doyle Mid GGamerslogo std.png Galactic Gamers
USA Westrice Jonathan Nguyen 01 Top C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Sycho Sid Benny Hung 01 Top Teamfearlogo std.png Team FeaR
USA Zuna Chris Buechter 02 Jungle Teamfearlogo std.png Team FeaR
USA LiNk Austin Shin 03 Mid Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
Bulgaria BloodWater Lyubomir Spasov 05 Support AzureGamingLogo std.png Azure Gaming
USA Hoodstomp Devon Mark 04 AD Exertus Zeallogo std.png Exertus eSports Zeal



ID Name Position
Canada HotshotGG George Georgallidis 11 President/Owner/Co-Founder
USA Mylixia Devin Nash CEO
Germany Vodoo Alexander Beutel CTO/Co-Founder
USA MaTTcom Matthew Marikian General Manager/Art Director
USA bchenN Bryan Chen Director of Finance and Operations
USA samy Samantha Elias Manager
China Dynasty Wei Li Head Coach


ID Name Position Next Team
USA MLong Mason Long Analyst/Coach MSF (NA)logo std.png Misfits NA
USA sayocean Kelby May General Manager
USA Garvey Mark Candella Director of Business Development
Canada RealMomGG Helen Georgallidis Chief Executive Officer
USA CyberBob Robert Del Papa Chief Operating Officer
Canada Peolo Bear Timothy Yeung Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-03-25 CS NA logo.png A66th 2015 NA Challenger Series Spring Season 2 : 8 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) $ 10,000
2012-08-25 MLG-Logo-Small.png A55 - 6th 2012 MLG Summer Championship 0 : 2 Teamdynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic $ 4,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-06-16 I1ZNQ 2015 NA Challenger Series Summer Qualifier 0 : 2 Mgtclogo std.png Magnetic
2015-02-04 I1Q 2015 NA Challenger Series Spring Qualifier 2 : 0 Liquid Alogo std.png Team Liquid Academy $ 7,500
2012-11-07 A33rd National ESL Pro Series Season 4 2 : 0 Crslogo std.png Team Curse $ 900
2012-07-22 A22nd Leaguecraft ggClassic Presented by Arqade 1 : 2 Teamdynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic $ 2,000
2012-06-17 A22nd GIGABYTE Esports LAN 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid $ 3,000
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-10-30 A11st ROCCAT King Of The Hill Week 3 2 : 1 Monomaniaclogo std.png Monomaniac Ferus $ 1,000
2012-08-21 A11st ROCCAT King Of The Hill Week 2 2 : 0 Logo std2.png Pickleberry $ 1,000
2012-07-09 A11st ROCCAT King Of The Hill Week 1 2 : 0 Orbitlogo std.png Orbit Gaming $ 1,000
2012-05-30 A11st NESL Premier Season 3 2 : 0 Lzuruhalogo std.png Lzuruha Gaming $ 2,000

Highlight Videos


  • 2012

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