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Champions Spring 2015
League Information
Organizer: OnGameNet
Server: South Korea
Event Type: Offline
Country South Korea South Korea
Start Date: 2014-11-17
End Date: 2014-11-22
Qualified: HUYAlogo std.png HUYA Tigers
IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle

The Champions Spring 2015 Qualifier determines the last two seeds of the Champions Spring tournament.


The following teams are seeded into Champions Spring 2015: Samsung, Jin Air Green Wings, NaJin e-mFire, Sk Telekom T1, CJ Entus and KT Rolster. The last two seeds are determined in this open qualifier. The final stage is taking place at the Busan Bexco Auditorium at the "G-STAR 2014 Global Game Exhibition". The english stream is cast by DoA and MonteCristo.


  • All matches are played on the v4.19 patch.[1]
  • Groupstage:
    • 20 teams divided into four groups.
    • Single Elimination, Best-of-three, third game is blindpick.
    • Winner of each group advances.
    • Matches are played in the Yongsan eSports Stadium.
  • Final Stage:
    • Round robin, Best-of-one.
      • Tiebreakers will be held if necessary.
    • Top 2 qualify for Champions Spring 2015.
    • Matches are played in the Busan Bexco Auditorium at the "G-STAR 2014 Global Game Exhibition".

Qualifying Teams

Qualified teams HUYAlogo std.png HUYA Tigers
IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle


Group Stage

November 17th

Group Gold.png 1st Silver.png 2nd Score
A Xenicslogo std.png Xenics Quviclogo std.png Quvic E-Sports1 2 : 1
B IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle Logo std2.png Pangs 2 : 0
C HUYAlogo std.png HUYA Tigers Logo std2.png Team Avalanche 2 : 0
D Primelogo std.png Prime Clan Logo std2.png last amateur 2 : 0
1Previously Bigfile Miracle.

Final Stage


HUYA Tigers
HUYA Tigerslogo square.png
South Korea Smeb  
South Korea Lee
South Korea kurO
South Korea PraY
South Korea GorillA
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Incredible Miracle
Incredible Miraclelogo square.png
South Korea Lilac  
South Korea Wisdom
South Korea Frozen
South Korea S0NSTAR
South Korea TuSin
[Show/Hide Roster]
Prime Clan
Prime Clanlogo square.png
South Korea Zest  
South Korea smurf
South Korea Thy
South Korea Bory
South Korea Habom
[Show/Hide Roster]

Xenicslogo square.png
South Korea Sky  
South Korea Drizzle
South Korea Raphael
South Korea Nika
South Korea Road
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November 21st - 22nd

Final Stage
1. IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle 2-1
2. HUYAlogo std.png HUYA Tigers 2-1
3. Primelogo std.png Prime Clan 1-2
4. Xenicslogo std.png Xenics 1-2
Final Stage Matches
IM IMlogo std.png 0 1 Xenicslogo std.png Xenics
Prime Primelogo std.png 0 1 HUYAlogo std.png HUYA
HUYA HUYAlogo std.png 1 0 Xenicslogo std.png Xenics
Prime Primelogo std.png 0 1 IMlogo std.png IM
HUYA HUYAlogo std.png 0 1 IMlogo std.png IM
Xenics Xenicslogo std.png 0 1 Primelogo std.png Prime

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