2017 Rift Rivals

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2017 Rift Rivals
2017 Rift Rivals Logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Format: 5 Rifts
13 Regions
41 Teams
Links: Website
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Place 2017RiftRivalsBlue.png 2017RiftRivalsRed.png 2017RiftRivalsYellow.png 2017RiftRivalsPurple.png 2017RiftRivalsGreen.png
Gold.png 1st NALCS 2015NALCSLogo.png LPL 2017LPLLogo.png CBLOL CBLOL.png LJL LJL 2016 logo.png TCL TCL 2015 logo.png
Silver.png 2nd EULCS 2015EULCSLogo.png LCK Ogn logo.png CLS 2017 CLS Logo.png GPL 2017GPLLogo.png LCL 2017 LCL.png
Silver.png 3rd LMS LMS logo.png LLN LLN2017Spring.png OPL OPL logo.png



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