2014 EU Challenger Series/Spring/Playoffs

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2014 EU CS Spring Playoffs
CS EU logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Sponsor: Coke Zero
Server: Europe
Event Type: Online/Offline
Format: Play In + Bracket
Prize pool: $ 20,000
Start Date: 2014-04-01
End Date: 2014-04-11
Links: Website


The 2014 EU Challenger Series is a Challenger league that runs alongside the LCS for the entire 2014 season and acts as a direct bridge into the LCS. Top six teams with the highest points across both series are seeded into a playoff bracket. The playoffs hold a similar structure to the LCS playoffs. The winner is crowned the series champion and additionally, the top three teams advance into the Promotion Tournament.


  • Single Elimination
  • Top six teams with the most Series Points (Shown Below) seeded in a playoff bracket.
  • Quarterfinals and Semifinals matches are Best of Three; Finals and 3rd/4th matches are Best of Five.
  • Top three teams advance to the 2014 EU Summer Promotion.

Prize Pool

Place Prize
Gold.png1st $ 16,000 C9logo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse
Silver.png2nd $ 10,000 NiPlogo std.png Ninjas in Pyjamas
Bronze.png3rd $ 8,000 Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports EU
Copper.png4th $ 3,000 Reason Gaminglogo std.png Reason Gaming
5th/6th $ 1,250 CSTlogo std.png Team Coast Gold
Mousesportlogo std.png mousesports

Series Points


2014 Season
Rank Team Spring 2014 Total
Series 1 Series 2
1. NiPlogo std.png Ninjas in Pyjamas 7 12 19
2. C9logo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse 9 2 11
2. Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports EU1&2 1 10 11
4. Reason Gaminglogo std.png Reason Gaming - 8 8
5. Mousesportlogo std.png mousesports3&4 5 2 7
6. CSTlogo std.png Team Coast Gold5&6 - 7 7
7. TTDlogo std.png Tick Trick and Duck 4 - 4
8. Gamers2logo std.png Gamers2 - 2 2
8. Logo std2.png Steve Bakes Cookies - 2 2
10. EYESlogo std.png EYES ON U 1 - 1
10. SK Primelogo std.png SK Gaming Prime 1 - 1
10. SGClogo std.png Storm Games Clan 1 - 1
  • The Top 3 finishers in Series 1 are automatically seeded in the bracket for Series 2
  • The 6 teams with the highest point totals advance to the Playoffs.
    • Teams will be seeded according to their Total Points
    • Any ties will be settled with tiebreaker matches

Point distribution

Place Series 1 Series 2
1 9 12
2 7 10
3 5 8
4 4 7
5-8 1 2
1 Pulse eSports left the organization prior to the Challenger Series #2.
2 Denial.EU acquired the roster of Departed prior the Challenger Series #2.
3 MeetYourMakers left the organization prior to the Challenger Series #2.
4 mousesports acquired the roster of Lublin Shore prior to the Challenger Series #2.
5 Team Coast Gold acquired the roster of Awsomniac prior the Challenger Series #2.
6 Team Coast Gold forfeits their tie-breaker match.


Ninjas in Pyjamas
Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo square.png
Denmark Zorozero  
Sweden Hulberto
Norway Nukeduck
Czech Republic Freeze
Spain mithy
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Cloud 9 Eclipse
Cloud9 Europelogo square.png
Romania Odoamne  
Norway k0u
Netherlands Febiven
Sweden Hjärnan
Estonia Voidle
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Denial eSports.Europe
Denial eSports EUlogo square.png
Poland Babunia  
Poland Kikis
Poland niQ
Poland Woolite
Poland P3rmm
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Mousesportslogo square.png
Poland Kubon  
Poland Mokatte
Poland TakeFun
Poland Makler
Poland Libik
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Team Coast Gold
Team Coastlogo square.png
Netherlands Morsu  
Russia Lasagna
Kazakhstan F1NATYX
Lithuania Ritix
Netherlands masterwork
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Reason Gaming
Reason Gaminglogo square.png
Estonia beansu  
Denmark Trashy
Denmark Sencux
Denmark Krislund
Belgium BarneyD
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  Quarterfinals (Bo3) Semifinals (Bo3) Final Match (Bo5)
  NiPlogo std.png NiP 2
  Reason Gaminglogo std.png RG 2
  Reason Gaminglogo std.png RG 0
  Mousesportlogo std.png mouz 1
  NiPlogo std.png NiP 1
  C9logo std.png C9E 3
3rd place match
  C9logo std.png C9E 2
  Deniallogo std.png DNL EU 2   Reason Gaminglogo std.png RG 0
  Deniallogo std.png DNL EU 1
  CSTlogo std.png CST Gold 0   Deniallogo std.png DNL EU 3


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