2013 GALAXY eSports Carnival

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2013 GALAXY eSports Carnival
League Information
Organizer: Galaxy Microsystems Ltd
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Format: Double Elimination
Prize pool: ¥ 170,000
Start Date: 2013-12-14
End Date: 2013-12-15
Links: Website

2013 GALAXY eSports Carnival is an offline event hosted in Shanghai, China. Four invited teams will compete for a 170,000 CNY prizepool.



  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Grand final and loser's final are best of three, all other matches are best of one
  • All games are played on Patch v3.13

Prize Pool

¥ 170,000 CNY (Approximately $ 28,012 USD, € 20,384 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (CNY) ≈Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st ¥ 100,000 $ 16,478 € 11,990 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
Silver.png 2nd ¥ 50,000 $ 8,239 € 5,995 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Bronze.png 3rd ¥ 10,000 $ 1,648 € 1,199 RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal Club
Copper.png 4th ¥ 10,000 $ 1,648 € 1,199 WEAlogo std.png Team WE Academy
Converted prizes calculated on December 14th, 2013 with a currency rate of 1 CNY = 0.164777 USD = 0.119908 EUR provided by http://www.xe.com/.


Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaminglogo square.png
China PDD  
China illuSioN
China Zzitai
China Kid
China Kitties
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Oh My Godlogo square.png
China Gogoing  
China LoveLin
China Cool
China san
China comA
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Royal Club Huang Zu
Royal Clublogo square.png
China GoDlike  
China Lucky
China Uzi
China F1sh
China Rui
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Team WE Academy
Team WE Academylogo square.png
China xr  
China anj
China xiye
China Allen
China AhrI
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1 Team WE are replaced by Team WE Academy .[1]


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 0
  IGlogo std.png iG 1
  IGlogo std.png iG 1
  RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal 0
  WEAlogo std.png WEA 0
  RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal 1
  IGlogo std.png iG 1
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 2
Loser's bracket
  RoyalClubLogo std.png Royal 0
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 1
  OMGlogo std.png OMG 2
  WEAlogo std.png WEA 0

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  1. Team WE Weibo Post t.qq.com