100 Thieves

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100 Thieves
100 Thieves Logo.png
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Coaches: Neil "pr0lly" Hammad
Website: https://100thieves.com/
Sponsor(s): Rocket Mortgage[1]
Youtube: Official Youtube
Facebook: 100 Thieves
Twitter: 100thieves
Created: 2017-11-20

100 Thieves is a North American League of Legends team that is within the NA LCS.



  • 2017

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency South Korea Ssumday Kim Chan-ho (김찬호) 01 Top
Current Official Residency USA Meteos William Hartman 02 Jungle
Current Official Residency South Korea Ryu Yoo Sang-wook (유상욱) 03 Mid
Current Official Residency USA Cody Sun Li Yu Sun 04 AD
Current Official Residency USA Aphromoo Zaqueri Black 05 Support



C ID Name Role
USA Nadeshot Matthew Haag Founder & Owner
USA pr0lly Neil Hammad 11 Head Coach
USA [[]] Jackson Dahl 11 Business Development

Team Achievements




Highlight Videos


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