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Background Information
NameHeo Seung-hoon
Country of BirthSouth Korea
Social Media
TeamEcho Fox
Alternate IDs뚱후니, Fnatic Hun1 (EUW), FNC Huni, SKT Huni, FOX Huni, IMT Huni
"Huni" (Real Name: Heo Seung-hoon) is a Korean League of Legends player, current Top Laner for Echo Fox.


Despite being from South Korea, Huni didn't start his professional career in his home region, although he was a practice partner for the Samsung organization throughout 2014. His first team was Fnatic, joining them at the start of 2015. Fnatic dominated both Spring and Summer, even going 18-0 in the regular season of summer. Huni himself grew a reputation for being a very strong and aggressive solo laner. A good run at Worlds saw Fnatic reaching the semifinals and losing to KOO Tigers. Huni left Fnatic in 2016 and joined North America's Immortals along with Reignover.

Although the team was dominant in regular seasons, they couldn't step up in playoffs and failed to win a split. They also weren't successful at qualifying for Worlds and Huni left the team at the end of the year. Huni spent his 2017 on SK Telecom T1, winning the Spring Split with them as well as MSI, his first time winning an international event. Following MSI however SKT hit a slump and failed to win the Summer Split. They did qualify for Worlds and made it all the way to the Finals but lost decisively to Samsung Galaxy. Huni then joined Echo Fox in the newly franchised NA LCS.

Career History


Just before the start of the 2015 EU LCS Spring Regular Season, Huni joined Fnatic, his first official team, as part of the new roster alongside Reignover, Febiven, Steelback, and YellOwStaR - the only player from the previous line-up. In spite of low expectations for the team consisting of relatively unknown players, they placed second in the regular season with a 13-5 game record, and Huni himself won the Rookie of the Split award for the EU LCS. In the playoffs, Huni and Fnatic won the split title after edging out Unicorns of Love in a 3-2 series, qualifying thus to the first ever MSI, where Huniand the rest of Fnatic showed the world that EU wasn't anything to be trifled with. After making it out of the group stages (and pulling out some unique picks like Cassiopeia top), Huni and Fnatic finally lost in the semi-finals to Korea's SKT T1 in a close 2-3 series.

Returning with Fnatic for the 2015 Summer Split of the EU LCS, Huni and the rest of Fnatic became the first team in LCS history to have an entirely undefeated regular season split, going a full 18-0 and making history. Fnatic proceeded to the finals of the EU LCS where their win streak was finally ended by Origen, although they did still win the finals, ending with a 3-2 series over Origen. Huni then traveled with Fnatic to the 2015 World Championship, where they battled against Taiwan's ahq e-Sports Club, North America's Cloud9, and China's Invictus Gaming in group B of the world championship. Fnatic emerged triumphant and left the group stage in first place. Advancing to the quarter-finals, Huni and Fnatic fought against China's Edward Gaming, whom Huni states he was 'eager to crush' after losing a game to them at 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. Huni and Fnatic did just that, tearing down EDG in a swift 3-0 series without dropping a game. Advancing to the semi-finals, Huni and Fnatic finally were stopped against Korea's Koo Tigers, ending in a 0-3 series and ending their run at worlds.


In the following season, Huni and his teammate Reignover both asked for a raise, which Fnatic declined, so the two of them decided to join the Immortals roster that was building over in North America, joining NA LCS veterans WildTurtle, Pobelter, and Adrian. Immortals had an extremely impressive 17-1 record in the regular season of the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, continuing Huni and Reignover's win streak in regular LCS games. They were however defeated in an 0-3 sweep by Team SoloMid in the Semifinals of the playoffs. They were able to defeat Team Liquid and placed 3rd place, missing out on qualifying for the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational.

In the 2016 NA LCS Summer, Huni and team finished in 2nd in the regular split. Qualifying to the playoffs, the team got a bye in the Semifinals. They then faced Cloud9 to whom they lost, dropping them down to the 3rd place match, which they fortunately won against Counter Logic Gaming. With enough points earned, the team made it to the Regional Qualifiers but lost, yet again, to Cloud9 in the Final round, thus failing to make it to the 2016 World Championship.

During the off season, it was announced that Huni will be joining the 3-time World Champion SK Telecom T1 as replacement for former Top laner Duke.



Date Event Result
2017-05-21 2017 Mid-Season Invitational   SK Telecom T1 3 : 1   G2 Esports
2017-04-22 LCK 2017 Spring Playoffs   SK Telecom T1 3 : 0   KT Rolster
Date Event Result
2016-08-26 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs   IMT 3 : 2   Counter Logic Gaming
2016-04-16 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs   IMT 3 : 0   Team Liquid
Date Event Result
2015-12-13 All-Star Los Angeles 2015 5v5   EU LCS Allstars 0 : 2   LCK Allstars
2015-10-25 2015 Season World Championship   Fnatic 0 : 3   KOO Tigers
2015-08-23 2015 EU LCS Summer Playoffs   fnatic 3 : 2   Origen
2015-05-09 2015 Mid-Season Invitational   fnatic 2 : 3   SK Telecom T1
2015-04-19 2015 EU LCS Spring Playoffs   fnatic 3 : 2   Unicorns Of Love



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  • January 9th,[1] "With Fomos, and translated by The Shotcaller"

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