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S3 Zorozero.jpg
Background Information
NameMorten Rosenquist
Country of BirthDenmark
Peak LeagueChallenger I
Alternate IDsGoldPoro1 (NA), LD Zoro, mMe Zorozero, NiP Zorozero, nostalgic return, Zorrozero


Zorozero is a League of Legends player hailing from Denmark. His first steps into gaming were made in the game Heroes of Might and Magic. He then turned to World of Warcraft and the Call of Duty games semi-seriously. Upon being introduced to League of Legends by friends, he asserted his position as a top-caliber player, ending in Diamond I (Season 2) and currently going in and out of Challenger.

Zorozero qualified to the Season 3 World Championship with his team Lemondogs, finishing 2nd in the Summer Playoffs.


  • Was famous for his  Riven early in his career.
  • Used to play football at a high level.
  • Prefers playing assassins in solo queue.
  • The nickname "Zorozero" has its origins in Morten watching the movie Zoro, then a commercial ad highlighting Coca Cola Zero.
  • Has a dog called Luna.
  • Reached Challenger Division in North America in under 50 games with his account GoldPoro1, mostly playing  Akali.


Date Event Result
2014-04-19 Copenhagen Games 2014 Gold.png NIP 2 : 0 File:C9Elogo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse
2014-04-11 2014 EU Challenger Series Playoffs Silver.png NIP 1 : 3 File:C9Elogo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse
2014-03-20 2014 EU Challenger Series #2 Gold.png NIP 2 : 0 DNL EUlogo std.png Denial eSports EU
2014-02-14 2014 EU Challenger Series #1 Silver.png NIP 0 : 2 File:C9Elogo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse
2014-02-02 FACEIT Challenger Invitational Gold.png NiP 2 : 0 SK Primelogo std.png SK Gaming Prime
2014-01-28 EUW Challenger Series #18 Gold.png NiP 3 : 0 TFSlogo std.png The Fox Sound
Date Event Result
2013-08-25 LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Playoffs Silver.png ld 1 : 3 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
2013-05-06 Season 3 EU LCS Summer Promotion Gold.png sns 3 : 0 AAalogo std.png against All authority
2013-04-23 EUW Challenger Series Week 1 Gold.png sns 3 : 1 ATnlogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
2013-04-11 LCS Season 3 Go4LoL Summer Promotion Qualifier Gold.png sns 2 : 1 MYMlogo std.png MeetYourMakers
2013-03-31 Go4LoL EU West #135 Gold.png sns 1 : 0 SNOGARDlogo std.png SNOGARD Dragons
2013-03-20 SoloMid EU Invitational 2 Bronze.png urr 0 : 2 ATnlogo std.png Team ALTERNATE




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