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PGM YutoriMoyasi 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameYuta Noguchi
Country of BirthJapan
RoleAD Carry
"YutoriMoyashi" (Real Name: Yuta Noguchi) is a Japanese League of Legends player, current ADC for PENTAGRAM.

Career History

YutoriMoyashi started to play League of Legends on Season 1. In 2013, he attended some Japanese competition as the member of Object Oriented.

2014 Season

He joined in DetonatioN RabbitFive.

2016 Season

When the regular season is over, he joined Rampage as top laner for IEM Challenger games.

2017 Season

He joined Rampage as AD carry.


  • His summoner name literally mean ”sprout without pressure", partly in reference to the "Education without pressure" policy, which was in effect at the first decade of 21th century and under which he went through his school life.


Date Event Result
2017-04-01 2017 League of Legends Japan League Spring Split Gold.png Rampage 3 : 0 DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN
2015-08-16 2015 JCG Premier League Summer Season SF.png RabbitFive 0 : 1 Oz RPGlogo std.png Ozone Rampage
2015-03-29 2015 LoL Japan League Season 1 Silver.png DeT RF 0 : 3 DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN
2015-02-22 2014 JCG Premier League Finals Silver.png DeT RF 1 : 2 DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN
Date Event Result
2014-11-30 2014 JCG Premier League Season 4 Silver.png DeT RF 0 : 1 7hlogo std.png 7th heaven
Date Event Result
2013-10-06 2013 JCG Premier League Season 3 SF.png Object Oriented 0 : 2 TBMlogo std.png The Beastmitai
2013-08-11 2013 JCG Premier League Season 2 SF.png Object Oriented 0 : 2 DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN



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