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HMA Werlyb 2016 Spring.png
Background Information
NameJorge Casanovas Moreno-Torres
Country of BirthSpain
Alternate IDsmT Werlyb, Dragons Werlyb, GIANTS Werlyb, Tito Werlyb


2015 Season

With Giants Gaming, Werlyb competed in the Spring Expansion Tournament, and qualified for the Offline Stage after beating Ascension and Millenium. In the Offline Stage, GIANTS won their first matchup against Reason Gaming, meaning they were one win away from the LCS. The team then lost to H2k-Gaming in the Winner's Bracket Final, but beat Reason Gaming in the Loser's Bracket Final, meaning they would go on to play in the LCS Spring Split.

The Spring Split itself was unsuccessful for Werlyb and the team, finishing in 9th place, which meant that they would play in the Summer Promotion. Here Giants Gaming faced Reason Gaming and came out victorious, securing their spot in the Summer Split.

The Summer Split was far more positive for Giants Gaming, finishing in 6th place, thanks in part to Werlyb's performances on a range of different champions. In the Summer Playoffs, Giants Gaming were beaten in the quarterfinals by H2k-Gaming, meaning that they would pick up 20 Championship Points and go on to play in the 2015 Season Europe Regional Finals. Werlyb and the team went on to lose to Team ROCCAT in Round 1 of the gauntlet.

2016 Preseason

Werlyb left Giants Gaming in December 2015 and joined Huma along with Santorin, Godbro, HolyPhoenix and je suis kaas.



Date Event Result
2016-03-15 2016 EUCS Spring Playoffs Gold.png Huma 3 : 2 CHWLogo std.png Copenhagen Wolves
2016-01-20 2016 EUCS Spring Qualifiers Qualified.png Huma 3 : 0 IHGlogo std.png Illuminar Honor Gaming
2016-01-06 2016 EUCS Spring Qualifiers Open Qualifier Qualified.png Huma 0 : 2 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
Date Event Result
2015-08-29 2015 Season Europe Regional Finals Copper.png Giants 0 : 3 ROCCATlogo std.png Team ROCCAT

Date Event Result
2014-12-07 Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 7 Gold.png GIANTS! 2 : 0 TSLlogo std.png Team SalsaLoL
2014-11-02 Paris Games Week 2014 Gold.png GIANTS! 2 : 0 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium Spirit
2014-07-19 Island of Legends 2014 Silver.png Dragons 1 : 2 RGlogo std.png Reason Gaming
2014-07-17 Tenerife Lan Party 2014 Gold.png Dragons 2 : 0 TSLlogo std.png Team SalsaLoL
2014-07-06 Gamegune 2014 Gold.png Dragons 2 : 0 SPARTAlogo std.png ThunderBot SPARTA
2014-06-29 Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 6 Silver.png Dragons 1 : 2 K3logo std.png Karont3 e-Sports Club
2014-04-19 SocialNat Spring 2014 Gold.png Skulls 3 : 2 Overlogo std.png OverGaming
Date Event Result
2013-11-03 IeSF 2013 World Championship Bronze.png Spain 2 : 0 Denmarklogo std.png Denmark
2013-07-20 DreamHack Valencia 2013 SF.png cE 0 : 2 Wizardslogo std.png Wizards e-Sports Club
2013-05-10 Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 4 Silver.png cE 0 : 2 34Ulogo std.png 34united e-Sports Club




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