TGA Grand Prix 2012 Summer

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Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix 2012
TGA Grand Prix 2012.jpg
League Information
Organizer: Tencent Games Arena
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Format: Group Stage and Single Eliminaiton Bracket
Prize pool: ¥ 350,000
Start Date: 2012-06-21
End Date: 2012-06-23
Links: Website


The Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix 2012 is a tournament hosted by Tencent Game Arena with eight teams competing in a group stage and a single elimination bracket. The games were cast by Joker DC7.


  • Eight teams split into two groups of four
  • Group stage games are best of one
  • Top two teams advance
  • Four teams put into single elimination bracket
  • Bracket games are best of three

Prize Pool

¥350,000 CNY (Approximately $54,945 USD, €43,407 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (CNY) ≈Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st ¥ 200,000 $ 31,397 € 24,804 WElogo std.png Team WE
Silver.png 2nd ¥ 100,000 $ 15,699 € 12,402 EHOMElogo std.png EHOME
Bronze.png 3rd ¥ 50,000 $ 7,849 € 6,201 CLClogo std.png Canis Lupus Campestris

*Converted prizes calculated on June 21st, 2012 with a currency rate of 6.37 CNY = 1 USD = 0.79 EUR provided by


All Gamers
China superman  
China Nocturne (Player)
China NanguaJ
China Tiany
China SabeRs
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Canis Lupus Campestris
Canis Lupus Campestrislogo square.png
China Wh1t3zZ  
China SiLva
China Pyl
China Chirs
China Whitecrescent
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Ehome logo150.png
China Lucky  
China TS
China dd
China MM
China MAX
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LGD Gaming
LGD Gaming logo.png
China BUG  
China Senou
China Ayaya
China zw
China Victor
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Team WE
Team WElogo square.png
China Misaya  
China if
China WeiXiao
China YJTM
China CaoMei
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HanGong Clan
China 坂田银时  
China ning
China braveheart
China Kid
China San
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Group Stage

Group A
1. WElogo std.png Team WE 3-0
2. EHOMElogo std.png EHOME 2-1
3. AGlogo std.png All Gamers 1-2
4. HanGonglogo std.png HanGong Clan 0-3
Group A Matches
HG Logo std2.png 0 1 WElogo std.png WE
HG Logo std2.png 0 1 AGlogo std.png AG
HG Logo std2.png 0 1 EHOMElogo std.png EHOME
WE WElogo std.png 1 0 AGlogo std.png AG
WE WElogo std.png 1 0 EHOMElogo std.png EHOME
EHOME EHOMElogo std.png 1 0 AGlogo std.png AG
Group B
1. LGDlogo std.png LGD Gaming 2-1
2. CLClogo std.png Canis Lupus Campestris 2-1
3. Logo std2.png LHS 1-2
4. STARlogo std.png STAR 1-2
Group A Matches
CLC CLClogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png LHS
CLC CLClogo std.png 1 0 STARlogo std.png STAR
CLC CLClogo std.png 0 1 LGDlogo std.png LGD
LHS Logo std2.png 1 0 STARlogo std.png STAR
LHS Logo std2.png 0 1 LGDlogo std.png LGD
LGD LGDlogo std.png 0 1 STARlogo std.png STAR


  Semifinals Finals
  WElogo std.png WE 2
  CLClogo std.png CLC 0
  WElogo std.png WE 2
  EHOMElogo std.png EHOME 0
  EHOMElogo std.png EHOME 2
  LGDlogo std.png LGD 1 3rd place match
  CLClogo std.png CLC 2
  LGDlogo std.png LGD 0

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