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TGA Grand Prix 2011

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Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix 2011
TGA GP.jpg
League Information
Organizer:Tencent Games
Event TypeOffline
Countrychina China
Start date2011-07-16
End date2011-07-17


  • Four Regional tournaments
  • Top 2 teams from each regional advance to Finals


China (8)
Logo std2.png NGG Logo std2.png Temptation
WElogo std.png Team WE Logo std2.png hN Team
Logo std2.png CNC Logo std2.png YK
CCMlogo std.png CCM JSlogo std.png 전국구 비밀병기

Prize Pool

¥ 60,000 Chinese yuan are spread among the teams as follows :
PlacePrize (CNY)Team
Gold.png¥ 30,000 CCMlogo std.png CCM
Silver.png¥ 20,000 WElogo std.png Team WE
Bronze.png¥ 10,000 Logo std2.png NGG
Copper.pngJSlogo std.png 전국구 비밀병기
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  • Conversion Date: N/A


Group Stage

Group A
1. WElogo std.png Team WE 3-0
2. JSlogo std.png 전국구 비밀병기 2-1
3. Logo std2.png hN Team 0-2
4. Logo std2.png CNC 0-3
Group A Matches
WE WElogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png hN
CNC Logo std2.png 0 1 JSlogo std.png JS
WE WElogo std.png 1 0 JSlogo std.png JS
JS JSlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png hN
CNC Logo std2.png 0 1 WElogo std.png WE
Group B
1. CCMlogo std.png CCM 3-0
2. Logo std2.png NGG 2-1
3. Logo std2.png Temptation 0-2
4. Logo std2.png YK 0-2
Group B Matches
YK Logo std2.png 0 1 Logo std2.png NGG
CCM CCMlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png Temptation
NGG Logo std2.png 0 1 CCMlogo std.png CCM
YK Logo std2.png 0 1 CCMlogo std.png CCM
NGG Logo std2.png 1 0 Logo std2.png Temptation


  Semifinals Finals
  CCMlogo std.png CCM 1
  JSlogo std.png JS 0
  CCMlogo std.png CCM 1
  WElogo std.png WE 0
  Logo std2.png NGG 0
  WElogo std.png WE 1 3rd place match
  JSlogo std.png JS 0
  Logo std2.png NGG 1

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