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August 19th
WCS 2015 small.png WCS ASClogo std.png Ascension Gaming qualifies for Worlds 2018 Play-In.
August 15th
WCS 2015 small.png WCS KT Alogo std.png KT Rolster qualifies for Worlds 2018.
August 14th
Cube Adonis logo25.png ADN Shaoran joins.
August 13th
DWlogo std.png DW Getback leaves.
August 7th
CLGlogo std.png CLG Zikz steps down as Head Coach. Assistant Coach Zach Goldman will act as interim Head Coach until the end of the Summer Split.
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Expect joins.
MSFlogo std.png MSF Exi joins as remote analyst.
ORDlogo std.png ORD Inero joins as strategic consultant.
TTClogo std.png TTC Udysof joins on loan.
August 6th
ASUSlogo std.png ARMY Zwyroo joins.
GGSlogo std.png GGS Mango and Inero join as interim coach and consultant, respectively.
August 5th
CBLOL.png CBLOL REDClogo std.png RED Canids relegated from the CBLoL.
August 4th
WCS 2015 small.png WCS FWlogo std.png Flash Wolves qualifies for Worlds 2018.
JTlogo std.png JT FireFox joins as head coach. doG8 joins as a coach. Prydz moves to coach. Ratis and Coldicee become assistant coaches.
August 3rd
Justlogo std.png TJ Slip joins as analyst.
CGlogo std.png CG DLim steps down as head coach. Curry moves to interim head coach.
August 2nd
YClogo std.png YC Inori joins.
H2klogo std.png H2k Larssen to sub in for Selfie in Week 7 of EU LCS Summer 2018 due to medical reasons.
August 1st
Team Afro logo25.png AFR Laba joins. Butter leaves.
July 31st
YClogo std.png YC Zzus leaves. Laden leaves coaching position.
CTRlogo std.png CR Bara joins, Zin and Zeroday join on loan from GAMlogo std.png GAM Esports.
GAMlogo std.png GAM Bara leaves.
Vikingslogo std.png VK Bear joins. Zin's leaves after end of this loan.
July 30th
VVTlogo std.png VS dayruin joins as coach. Sanctum switches from coach to analyst.
TTClogo std.png TTC Saiclone leaves coaching role.
July 29th
WElogo std.png WE WeiXiao joins as a coach.
FOXlogo std.png EFX Altec and Adrian leave.
EFX.Alogo std.png EFX.A OddOrange leaves.
July 27th
CG.Alogo std.png CG.A LirA, Apollo, and Hakuho join.
CGlogo std.png CG Moon, Piglet, and Vulcan move to the LCS roster.
HAFlogo std.png HAF Khynm leaves.
July 26th
FOXlogo std.png EFX Inero leaves coaching position.
S deXlogo std.png S deX fNb, Erasus, NOsFerus, TRIGOD, and BocaJR join. Danagorn joins as head coach. Marcus Vinicius joins as coach.
July 24th
VVTlogo std.png VS Fomko joins.
YClogo std.png YC Savage joins.
Team BattleComics logo25.png BtC Savage leaves.
C9.Alogo std.png C9A Feng joins.
FOXlogo std.png EFX Smoothie joins. Fenix and Feng leaves.
C9logo std.png C9 Smoothie leaves.
VITlogo std.png VIT Kikis joins as in-house substitute jungler.
Vikingslogo std.png VK Osas and Eragon join.
July 23rd
YClogo std.png YC Impaler joins as coach.
July 21st
ASClogo std.png ASC NikSar joins. Lloyd switches from ADC to jungler.
July 20th
Vikingslogo std.png VK CBL is suspended for 3 matches due to violation of practice regulations.
July 18th
M19logo std.png M19 Clover leaves.
M17logo std.png M17 PaSa rejoins.
July 17th
Vikingslogo std.png VK Zin and Light join. Beo and OPG1 leave.
July 13th
VGlogo std.png VG Coco joins.
July 12th
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG Sek switches from strategic coach to head coach. Porsche leaves coaching position.
BMRlogo std.png BMR Praedyth joins.
July 11th
ASClogo std.png ASC Cabbage leaves coaching position.
M17logo std.png M17 Bugi joins. BoBo rejoins.
July 10th
Vikingslogo std.png VK Shinie joins.
Friends Forever logo25.png FFQ Kriss joins.
July 9th
KZlogo std.png KZ Rascal rejoins active roster.
KT Alogo std.png KT Kingen and Mia join. PawN rejoins active roster.
July 6th
HWAlogo std.png HWA WHISP3R leaves coaching position.
June 30th
Team Afro logo25.png AFR Rainbow switches from mid laner to ADC.
USGlogo std.png USG Lillebelt joins as interim coach.
YClogo std.png YC Japone joins.
June 28th
TSMlogo std.png TSM Lustboy becomes head coach. SSONG becomes strategic coach.
June 26th
Team Afro logo25.png AFR Tabe joins as coach.
June 24th
Friends Forever logo25.png FFQ Sena leaves.
June 23rd
USGlogo std.png USG yasupenber joins as head coach. Pascal leaves coaching position.
June 22nd
Crest Gaming Act logo25.png CGA Harunika leaves.
BurnCOlogo std.png BC Legato joins as manager.
RNGlogo std.png RNG Y4 joins.
June 20th
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG WarL0cK, Haise, and Secr3t join. Sek switches from top laner to strategic coach.
ROXlogo std.png ROX mumus100 joins.
June 19th
Crest Gaming Act logo25.png CGA ion and ninnin leave.
BurnCOlogo std.png BC SneakSnake renames to Reiya and rejoins the team. Lavrie joins as sub. Makinyan leaves.
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Xirreth joins as Behavioural Analyst & Mental Coach.
June 16th
ASClogo std.png ASC DelpaiN joins. InTreso switches from starting jungler to sub.
BurnCOlogo std.png BC Haretti joins.
June 15th
BurnCOlogo std.png BC Makinyan joins. Yuhi joins as sub.
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC sOAZ becomes starting top laner.
HLElogo std.png HLE Brook, Clever and Asper join. LinLan joins as coach.
June 14th
TSMlogo std.png TSM Grig moves to main roster.
TOPlogo std.png TOP Xubin joins.
June 13th
BurnCOlogo std.png BC SneakSnake retires.
C9logo std.png C9 Goldenglue, Keith, and Zeyzal move to the starting roster.
June 12th
KLHlogo std.png KLH SOUPerior rejoins.
June 11th
BurnCOlogo std.png BC SCARZ and Burning Core split. Team acquires the LJL spot and roster.
EVVlogo std.png EVV Caos joins.
OPTlogo std.png OPT Cop joins as coach and Ryuke joins as manager.
OMGlogo std.png OMG y4 leaves.
June 9th
DPlogo std.png DP Kirei, Humanoid, and Luger join. Hatchý joins as head coach. Crush and Route leave. MorNinG leaves coaching position.
TOPlogo std.png TOP Xx's suspension ends. qi leaves.
June 8th
Vegalogo std.png VEG Phlaty and Warden join. Optimas rejoins. Punisher leaves.
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM Arddhu joins as manager.
June 7th
VVTlogo std.png VS Sanctum joins as coach.
KZlogo std.png KZ An Hyo-yeon joins as coach.
AFslogo std.png AFs Aiming rejoins active roster.
GENlogo std.png GEN Life joins starting roster.
GRFlogo std.png GRF Kang Dae-hee leaves coaching position.
June 6th
Dragon Army logo25.png DA ekka joins.
Team Afro logo25.png AFR PingPong, Rainbow, Moonblack and ART join. Nelson joins as head coach. CaiPi leaves.
MAD Team logo25.png MAD SAFELOVE joins as a coach. Rock switches from ADC to top laner.
M17logo std.png M17 CorGi switches from analyst to coach.
JTlogo std.png JT Hana switches from jungler to ADC. Alex and Woody leave.
HKAlogo std.png HKA erssu and cyeol join. SoCool and Skywalk joins as coaches. BBTY switches from jungler to coach. Riris, Nova, and Gear leave.
June 5th
VVTlogo std.png VS itsCortez and boom gg (formerly bsy bmj) join.
DPlogo std.png DP Panky, Crush, and Kairos join. Snitch joins as sub.
YClogo std.png YC MagiFelix joins.
OPTlogo std.png OPT BIG joins.
June 4th
TOPlogo std.png TOP VicaL leaves coaching position.
TTClogo std.png TTC Sybol, Value and Trance join. Tilting becomes sub.
June 2nd
DPlogo std.png DP Japone switches to sub.
June 1st
Vegalogo std.png VEG Paranoia leaves.
Justlogo std.png TJ Paranoia joins. Atom and Taikki rejoin. Toxicity joins as sub. Phlaty leaves.
OMGlogo std.png OMG MingZhe leaves coaching position.
May 31st
S04logo std.png S04 Amazing joins.
LGDlogo std.png LGD Adia0, Creep, and Newt join. Qwert joins as head coach. Cammly joins as coach. Acorn leaves coaching position.
MMMlogo std.png MMM Bdoink leaves.
May 30th
HWAlogo std.png HWA Scarlet joins.
OPTlogo std.png OPT Dhokla joins.
GRFlogo std.png GRF Newt leaves.
May 29th
Bbqlogo std.png bbq Aries (formerly Moyoh) joins.
DWlogo std.png DW BioPanther joins. Chippys moves to sub.
May 28th
M17logo std.png M17 M1ssion joins. Taizan leaves.
ISGlogo std.png ISG Nipphu leaves.
May 27th
M17logo std.png M17 Crash joins.
CHFlogo std.png CHF Doruk joins as head coach.
May 26th
Team Afro logo25.png AFR Yo leaves coaching position.
Vikingslogo std.png VK Vikings acquires the spot of Ultimate in Vietnam Championship Series. Team's initial roster include Hani, Beo, Upin, Opg1, Beeone, and CBL join.
Friends Forever logo25.png FFQ Rika, Potm, and Kidz leave.
ISGlogo std.png ISG Buggax joins.
May 25th
HWAlogo std.png HWA Innaxe joins. Achuu leaves.
CTRlogo std.png CR Vanness and HanKay join as subs. Hari switches from jungler to top laner. Ikaros switches from top laner to mid laner.
ISGlogo std.png ISG Onur joins as head coach.
Samsunglogo std.png SSG Chris joins as coach.
May 24th
FTV Esports logo25.png FTV Kristian joins as sub. Lam joins as coach.
FGlogo std.png FG Froststrike, Nobody, and Tulz leave.
PRGlogo std.png PRG Dionrray becomes head coach.
May 23rd
DTNGlogo std.png DNG Ace leaves.
Cube Adonis logo25.png ADN Hall of Fame renames to Cube Adonis. yT joins.
VGlogo std.png VG Bright leaves.
WElogo std.png WE Missing joins. Conan rejoins as analyst. Zero becomes coach. Magic and Melon move to trainee. Raison leaves.
BILGlogo std.png BLG Sks leaves.
REDClogo std.png RED Guigo, Avenger, and Perz join as subs. Winged becomes inactive.
ITZlogo std.png ITZ Ziriguidun and Yan become inactive.
IDMlogo std.png IDM Fitz joins. ScrappyDoo joins as strategic coach. Sadoski leaves.
FLAlogo std.png FLA Regrets and Bressan join as subs. SirT and Evrot become inactive.
May 22nd
AURlogo std.png AUR Hioss joins.
FGlogo std.png FG Aloned and Shmebulock join. Dassler joins as sub.
VGlogo std.png VG Freecss joins. Loong retires. HunTeR leaves managerial position.
WElogo std.png WE Pepper, Gentle, and Imp join.
SNGlogo std.png SNG Proud joins.
Samsunglogo std.png SSG Maestr0 and Gyu join. kRYST4L moves to the active roster. DDB and Zzr leave.
RNGlogo std.png RNG PiPiXuAn leaves.
OMGlogo std.png OMG Mountain joins. PiPiXuAn joins as sub. Maestr0 leaves.
LGDlogo std.png LGD ReGank joins. Banana leaves.
IGlogo std.png iG Kim Jeong-soo joins as coach. Mafa rejoins.
FPXlogo std.png FPX Comeback joins as coach. Pepper leaves. BSYY leaves coaching position.
BILGlogo std.png BLG M1anhua joins. Freecss leaves.
REDClogo std.png RED Cabu leaves.
PRGlogo std.png PRG lima joins. Lynkez moves to starting mid laner. Goku leaves.
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM Wos joins.
ITZlogo std.png ITZ Tay joins. Balto joins as a sub. Sephis, Hauz, Yan, and Maynah join as subs. ONMETA joins as assistant coach. Tchubs becomes analyst.
IDMlogo std.png IDM Cabu joins.
FLAlogo std.png FLA Shrimp and Goku join.
CNBlogo std.png CNB Brucer joins. Wos and Erasus leave.
May 21st
DTNGlogo std.png DNG Kazu joins as coach.
RBElogo std.png RBE Freeze joins.
AURlogo std.png AUR Panky leaves.
DPlogo std.png DP Route joins. LongB rejoins.
Phong Vũ Buffalo logo25.png PVB Roster is announced, lineup include Naul, BigKoro, Palette, Zeros, Xuhao and Melodias, with Ren as the team's coach.
EVVlogo std.png EVV Zeicro joins. s0ra becomes sub.
LGDlogo std.png LGD Imp leaves.
FPXlogo std.png FPX Xinyi joins.
May 20th
YClogo std.png YC CoCo leaves.
TTClogo std.png TTC Swathe leaves.
May 19th
TSMlogo std.png TSM heavenTime joins as translator.
REDClogo std.png RED Abaxial joins as head coach.
May 18th
RBElogo std.png RBE Enatron joins as head coach.
Phong Vũ Buffalo logo25.png PVB Young Generation rebrands to Phong Vũ Buffalo.
REDClogo std.png RED Chaser joins. Galfi leaves coaching position.
May 17th
HAFlogo std.png HAF Lesmart rejoins as analyst and sub.
GENlogo std.png GEN MONG and Fly join.
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM Freire leaves.
May 16th
REDClogo std.png RED Loop joins. Nappon and Dioud leave.
ITZlogo std.png ITZ RedBert joins.
May 15th
Team Afro logo25.png AFR Dalka leaves.
HAFlogo std.png HAF Sunblast joins.
ITZlogo std.png ITZ Ayel leaves.
MMMlogo std.png MMM Mash joins.
May 14th
DTNGlogo std.png DNG JOON (formerly ZergMaN) leaves coaching position.
HAFlogo std.png HAF LukasNegro leaves.
May 13th
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC sOAZ rejoins active roster as sub.
IDMlogo std.png IDM Carioca renames to Cariok.
May 12th
RBElogo std.png RBE Closer switches to starting jungler.
May 11th
HAFlogo std.png HAF Nothing joins.
PRGlogo std.png PRG fNb, TRIGOD, and BocaJR leave.
May 10th
FENlogo std.png FB Move rejoins.
May 9th
FENlogo std.png FB Only35 joins as sub. Chaser leaves.
HAFlogo std.png HAF Ukkyr joins as head coach.
PRGlogo std.png PRG Vert joins.
LGClogo std.png LGC Only joins. Sybol leaves.
Avlogo std.png Av Only leaves.
May 8th
M17logo std.png M17 Move leaves.
DPlogo std.png DP KaKAO leaves.
TSMlogo std.png TSM KonKwon leaves translator position.
FLYlogo std.png FLY KonKwon and Santorin join. AnDa moves to FlyQuest Academy.
Jin Airlogo std.png JAG KaKAO and Nova join.
May 7th
Dragon Army logo25.png DA AHaHaCiK joins.
FLYlogo std.png FLY Saintvicious joins as Strategic Coach.
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM Nuddle's contract to end on June 14th.
May 5th
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Jesiz leaves.
Samsunglogo std.png SSG kRYST4L becomes inactive due to health reasons.
May 4th
HAFlogo std.png HAF Kaoz leaves. MartinCARP leaves coaching position.
May 3rd
HKAlogo std.png HKA Nelson leaves managerial position.
HWAlogo std.png HWA Impreve leaves managerial position.
AURlogo std.png AUR Farfetch leaves.
FLYlogo std.png FLY Stunt leaves.
KSVlogo std.png KSV KSV eSports rebrands to Gen.G.
May 2nd
BurnCOlogo std.png BC Dara retires.
RBElogo std.png RBE Malrang and Cepted leave. Blumigan leaves coaching position. MDS leaves analyst position.
FLYlogo std.png FLY RapidStar and Mins leaves coaching and managerial positions respectively.
May 1st
FLYlogo std.png FLY Keane joins.