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VFK takeshi 2016 Winter.jpg
Background Information
NameMurilo Alves
Country of BirthBrazil
TeamKeyd Stars
Alternate IDstakeshi, CNB HyperX tksh, taQQxi, Vivo Fibra ktksh, VFK takeshi1, pao de batata (EUW)

Murilo "takeshi" Alves is the mid laner for Keyd Stars.


Murilo "takeshi" Alves has always enjoyed competition ever since he was little, when he played both soccer and video games. When he was twelve years old, he began playing the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, which he played for four-five years. In 2011, takeshi began playing League of Legends and has continued ever since.


  • He is often called "dirty" by his fans for taking kills from teammates
  • At one point held the title for the the highest LolKing/LP score on any League of Legends server, With 3410 LKS and 1228 LP (BR).
  • His favorite champion is  Ahri.
  • Known for his  Ryze,  Diana,  Lissandra and  Ahri
  • Has 3 accounts in Challenger.
  • On 19/09/2013 takeshi managed to put his three accounts (CNB HyperX tksh, taQQxi and takeshi) in the top 3 spots in Brazilian solo queue.
  • Portrayed as  Kassadin in the CBLoL 2015 official wallpaper


Date Event Result
2016-05-01 Brasil Mega Arena Rio 2016 Silver.png kStars 1 : 2 INTZlogo std.png INTZ e-Sports
2016-04-02 CBLOL 2016 Summer Playoffs Silver.png kStars 0 : 3 INTZlogo std.png INTZ e-Sports
Date Event Result
2015-11-22 CBLOL All-Star 2015 Gold.png Team Alocs 2 : 1 Espeonlogo std.png Team Espeon
2015-11-14 CBLOL 2015 Post-Season SF.png kStars 1 : 2 KaBuM Ologo std.png KaBuM! Orange
2015-09-07 Brasil Mega Arena Sao Paulo 2015 Silver.png kstars 1 : 2 INTZlogo std.png INTZ e-Sports
2015-07-25 2015 CBLOL Winter Playoffs Bronze.png keyd stars 3 : 0 G3xlogo std.png g3nerationX
2015-05-02 XMA MEGA ARENA Sao Paulo 2015 Bronze.png keyd stars 2 : 1 CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club
2015-04-18 2015 CBLOL Summer Playoffs Silver.png kstars 0 : 3 INTZlogo std.png INTZ e-Sports
Date Event Result
2014-10-18 Red Bull Player One 2014 Silver.png takeshi KStarslogo std.png  1 : 2 KStarslogo std.png  Mylon
2014-09-26 Brazil Gaming League 2014 Season 1 Gold.png kstars 2 : 0 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2014-07-26 2014 Season Brazil Regional Finals Silver.png cnb 1 : 3 KaBuMlogo std.png KaBuM! e-Sports
2014-06-08 Riot Brazilian Champion League 2014 Bronze.png cnb 2 : 1 KaBuMlogo std.png KaBuM! e-Sports
Date Event Result
2013-10-28 Brazil Game Show - International Challenge 2013 Gold.png CNB e-Sports Club 2 : 1 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2013-07-21 Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship Silver.png CNB e-Sports Club 1 : 3 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
Date Event Result
2012-11-25 GeForce GTX League of Legends Invitational Brasil Bronze.png Insight eSports 0 : 2 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2012-10-13 Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship Copper.png Insight eSports 1 : 2 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2012-07-01 Legends' Union PRO Arena Gold.png Insight eSports 1 : 0 Logo std2.png Impact Gaming



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