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Crsacad pixel.JPG
Background Information
NameDavid Zarinski
Country of BirthCanada
Peak LeagueDiamond I
Alternate IDsCrs Pixel, TD Pixel, Pixel3

David "Pixel" Zarinski was a substitute player for Team Coast. He's currently teamless.


He was originally a starting support until the season 3 age restriction was put into play and it forced him to become a substitute support. David has since been substituting for many amateur teams in online tournaments such as the MLG LoL Rising Star invitationals.


  • Played AD carries until 2200 ELO when he met his current team-mates
  • Likes to play support  Leona and  Janna
  • Is currently the youngest Professional on the scene.


Date Event Result
2013-03-16 2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier SF.png curse academy 0 : 2 VESlogo std.png Velocity eSports
Date Event Result
2012-09-30 Solomid NA Invitational 11 Bronze.png td 0 : 2 MMe Feruslogo std.png Monomaniac Ferus
2012-09-16 Solomid NA Invitational 9 Silver.png td 0 : 2 MMe Feruslogo std.png Monomaniac Ferus
2012-09-09 Solomid NA Invitational 8 Bronze.png td 1 : 2 TSMlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2012-08-26 2012 MLG Summer Championship Bronze.png td 2 : 1 ORblogo std.png Orbit Gaming
2012-08-07 IPL Elites NA Silver.png td 1 : 3 Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
2012-07-22 Leaguecraft ggClassic Presented by Arqade Gold.png td 2 : 1 CLG Blogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming Black
2012-07-01 Leaguepedia NA Invitational Silver.png td 0 : 2 ORblogo std.png Orbit Gaming
2012-06-24 Solomid NA Invitational 2 Gold.png Team Dynamic 2 : 1 Crslogo std.png Team Curse
2012-05-28 Solomid NA Tournament Circuit Silver.png Team Dynamic 2 : 4 TSMlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2012-05-26 IPL 5 Qualifier #1 Gold.png Team Dynamic 2 : 0 MTw NAlogo std.png mTw North America
2012-05-01 CSN playLEGENDS Finals Gold.png Team Dynamic 2 : 0 ORblogo std.png Orbit Gaming
2012-04-08 IGN Proleague Season 4 - Las Vegas Copper.png mme 0 : 2 CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic
2012-03 Go4LoL US March Monthly Finals Gold.png mme 1 : 0 OGlogo std.png Ordinance Gaming
2012-03-29 IGN Proleague Season 4 Qualifiers Copper.png mme 0 : 2 Crslogo std.png Team Curse
2012-03-17 Fatal1ty Gaming Gear League of Legends Tournament Copper.png mme 0 : 2 Blanklogo std.png Not found


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