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EL Nyph 2016 Spring.png
Background Information
NamePatrick Funke
Country of BirthGermany
BirthdayMarch 11, 1990 (1990-03-11) (age 28)
Previous RoleSupport
Peak LeagueChallenger I
Alternate IDsSK Nyph, Neramun, A Nyph (KR), Alliance Nyph (KR), Alliance Patrick (NA)
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Gamed!delogo std.png gamed!de2/20116/2011
SKlogo std.png SK6/201112/2013
Alogo std.png A12/20131/2015
ELlogo std.png EL1/20152/2015
ELlogo std.png EL2/20156/2015
Coachlogo std.png
ELlogo std.png EL6/20151/2016
ELlogo std.png EL1/20165/2016
Coachlogo std.png
S04logo std.png S045/20161/2017
Coachlogo std.png
"Nyph" (Real Name: Patrick Funke) is a retired German League of Legends player, former Coach for FC Schalke 04.


Nyph is a League of Legends player coming from Kirchheim unter Teck (not too far from Stuttgart), Germany. The first game he ever played was The Legend of Zelda (the first installment of the Zelda franchise). He would go on to play games such as FIFA World Cup 1998, Anno 1604, The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim later on), Warcraft III (mostly the custom maps), World of Warcraft and Dawn of War.

He would play Dark Age of Camelot and Counter-Strike: Source semi-competitively. One of the friends he made in Dark Age of Camelot, enticed him to try League of Legends. At first, he was reluctant - even skipping the opportunity to play during the beta. Eventually he started playing the game when Nidalee was released (end of 2009/early January 2010). He reached level 30, along with hitting the Top 500 milestone, before Ranked games were installed.

Career History

  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • with Alliance
    • January 8th, leaves the team, team rebrands.
  • January 8th, joins Elements.
    • February 24th, replaced by Krepo as support, switches to assistant coach.
    • June 24th, moves back to starting support, replaces promisQ.


  • During his World of Warcraft days, he would start the names of his characters with "Ny". One of his characters was named Nyphen. That nickname would eventually be shortened to Nyph. His Counter-Strike handle was "Nyt".
  • Used to play a lot of  Twisted Fate,  Annie,  Evelynn and  Taric (the latter as part of a Taric/Pantheon botlane) before the start of Season 1.
  • Nyph's first main champion was  Janna.
  • His fondness for champions that are focused on healing, buffing and protecting fellow team-mates stems from his background as an avid Dark Age of Camelot and DotA player.
  • Achieved rank 1 on the EUW Solo Q ladder in June 2013.


  • 2013
  • 2014
Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2013-08-17 7th EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Summer Support SKlogo std.png SK 13 - 15
Round Robin
2013-04-28 Copper.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Playoffs Support SKlogo std.png SK 0 : 2 EGlogo std.png EG
2013-04-21 Bronze.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Support SKlogo std.png SK 17 - 11
Round Robin
Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2014-04-17 Copper.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS 2014 Spring Playoffs Support Alogo std.png A 0 : 2 ROCCATlogo std.png ROC
2014-04-03 Bronze.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS 2014 Spring Split Support Alogo std.png A 16 - 12
Round Robin