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EUCS 2015 Summer Playoffs

mousesports announced the creation of its League of Legends team officially on February 4, 2012. [1] In addition to a League of Legends team, mousesports also sponsors players and teams for StarCraft 2, CounterStrike: Source, CounterStrike Global Offensive, DotA2, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Trackmania.


  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2018

Player Roster

  • Active
  • Former
  • Temporary Subs
Date Joined Player Real Name Role
10/2018 Germany Tolkin Niklot Stüber
10/2018 Denmark Obvious Dennis Sørensen
10/2018 Germany nite Ardian Spahiu
05/2018 Netherlands Conjo Patrick Jacobs
05/2018 Germany Gistick Norman Kaiser


  • Current
  • Former
Real Name IGN Position
Turkey Cengiz Tüylü django Chief Executive Officer
Germany Christian Kopf Mantik Manager
Real Name Position New Team
Germany Dennis Sørensen (Obvious) Coach Mouzlogo std.png mouz
Germany Christian Lenz (PsYcHo) Manager None
Germany Philipp Neubauer (PHILIAN) Head of Video None
Portugal Simão Oliveira (Simon) Head Coach None
USA Nicholas Smith (Inero) Head Coach 38px dT
United Kingdom Laurena Young (Lauren) Analyst None
United Kingdom Connor Barr (Fyasco) Analyst None
Germany Sebastian Weishaupt (messit) Team Coordinator None
Poland Mateusz Tomczak (kiTTz) Team Coordinator LBSlogo std.png LBS


  • 2013
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2013-05-03 NQ EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Summer Promotion 1 : 2 MYMlogo std.png MYM - Kikisdexter1Moopzfoo sharpAoD
2013-01-27 NQ EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Qualifiers 0 : 2 DBlogo std.png DB - YoungBuckNaruteradorWarhunterProthanaKujaa
2013-01-05 Q EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Ranked 5s Qualifiers 2 : 0 AnexisLogo std.png Anexis - YoungBuckNaruteradorWarhunterProthanaKujaa


Articles & Videos

  • 2015

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