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PRG Minerva 2018 Summer.jpg
Background Information
NameGustavo Alves
Country of BirthBrazil
TeamProGaming Esports
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png vTi3/20135/2013
PlayArtlogo std.png playArt5/20136/2013
2Klogo std.png 2K8/20139/2013
PaiNlogo std.png PNG9/20135/2014
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM7/20140/2014
B Godslogo std.png B Gods1/20152/2015
KaBuM Ologo std.png KaBuM O5/20156/2015
KaBuM Ologo std.png KaBuM O6/201512/2015
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM12/20154/2016
CNBlogo std.png CNB4/20169/2017
PRGlogo std.png PRG9/2017Present
"Minerva" (Real Name: Gustavo Alves) is a Brazilian League of Legends player, currently a Jungler for ProGaming Esports.

Career History


Minerva is originally a mid laner in solo queue. He is known for his support play, especially on Thresh. He has played as a mid laner with a common team on several organizations. After Espeon's release from paiN Gaming following the wildcard tournament at Gamescom 2013, Minerva joined the team as support and started to duo queue with BrTT. Despite his lack of experience in playing support, his plays contributed to the team's success.


In May, Minerva parted ways with paiN and joined KaBuM! e-Sports where he replaced dans as the team's starting AD Carry. With KaBuM!, he participated in World Championship 2014, and although the team finished last in their group, they were able to beat Alliance in one game. Minerva's play on Jinx was considered as a large contributing factor for the team's success in said victory.

On October 31st, he announced that he was stepping down from KaBuM!. He has no plans of retiring yet but he wanted to take some time off of competitive gaming.[1][2]


  • Necro mentioned in a interview that Minerva will be an excellent support player due to his aggressiveness and mechanics.
  • Favorite midlane champions are LeBlanc and Syndra.
  • He's openly homosexual.
  • Brazilian casters often say that "Minerva left the mid lane, but the mid lane didn't leave him" because of his high KDA on supports.
  • Favorite Supports are Thresh and Sona.
  • After playing as a mid laner, support and AD carry, he then moved to the jungle during the CBLOL Winter 2015.
  • Portrayed as  Fizz in the CBLoL 2015 official wallpaper


Date Event Result
2016-03-19 CBLOL 2016 Summer Playoffs SF.png KaBuM 0 : 3 KStarslogo std.png Keyd Stars
Date Event Result
2015-11-22 CBLOL All-Star 2015 SF.png Team Dioud 0 : 1 Alocslogo std.png Team Alocs
2015-11-15 CBLOL 2015 Post-Season Silver.png kabum o 0 : 3 ITZlogo std.png INTZ e-Sports Club
2015-11-05 CBLOL 2016 Summer Promotion Qualified.png KaBuM! Orange 3 : 0 B Godslogo std.png Big Gods
2015-10-18 Xtreme League #5 Copper.png KaBuM! Orange 0 : 2 CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club
2015-04-03 Xtreme League March Gold.png ppc 2 : 0 KWarslogo std.png Keyd Warriors
2015-03-22 Razer Challenge Summer Copper.png ppc 0 : 1 B Godslogo std.png Big Gods
2015-02-07 Go4LoL January Bronze.png B Gods 1 : 0 NDlogo std.png ND e-Sports
Date Event Result
2014-08-29 2014 Season International Wild Card Tournament Gold.png KaBuM! e-Sports 3 : 0 PEXlogo std.png PEX Team
2014-01-29 IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo Silver.png pain 0 : 2 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
Date Event Result
2013-10-28 Brazil Game Show - International Challenge 2013 Silver.png paiN 1 : 2 CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club





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External Links


  1. Minerva's Facebook facebook.com
  2. Minerva is no longer member of KaBuM leagueofbrazil.wordpress.com