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2019 Season
  • NA
  • EU
  • KR
  • CN
  • TW
  • BR
  • CIS
  • TR
  • VN
  • OCE
  • JP
  • LCK
  • KeSPA Cup

LCK Logo 2018.png
Regular Split
January 16th - March 31st

Season Standings
Team Series Games P
1 GRFlogo std.png Griffin 3 - 0 100% 6 - 0 100% 6
2 SKT T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 2 - 0 100% 4 - 0 100% 4
2 Damwon Gaming logo 25.png DAMWON Gaming 2 - 0 100% 4 - 0 100% 4
2 SANDBOX Gaming logo 25.png SANDBOX Gaming 2 - 0 100% 4 - 0 100% 4
5 HLElogo std.png Hanwha Life Esports 2 - 1 67% 4 - 3 57% 1
6 KZlogo std.png KING-ZONE 1 - 2 33% 2 - 4 33% -2
7 AFslogo std.png Afreeca Freecs 0 - 2 0% 0 - 4 0% -4
7 GENlogo std.png Gen.G 0 - 2 0% 0 - 4 0% -4
7 Jin Airlogo std.png Jin Air GreenWings 0 - 2 0% 0 - 4 0% -4
10 KT Alogo std.png KT Rolster 0 - 3 0% 1 - 6 14% -5
Latest News
January 23rd
Diabolus Esports logo 25.png DBL Kerberos, Munckizz, Kroghsen, Yusa, Hadow, Rowelly and Kiao join.
Phelan Gaming logo 25.png PHL Eragon, Moo, sof, Fredsta, Adm, BB, Achuu, Kasper and Snuggli join, while Coach Shelby joins as head coach.
Riddlelogo std.png RID WildArcane, Reflect, Kakoshi and PRMK join.
Enclave Gaming logo 25.png ENC Governor, Wysek, Warszi, Kehvo, Raizins, Praevius and Aethér join, while ItsMans joins as head coach and Wise Traveller joins as an analyst.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Kruimel and Artorias join.
MnMlogo std.png MnM Mumus, Noltey, Chibs, Monk and Shogun join.
V3 Esports logo25.png V3 Masyo joins.
January 22nd
SK Primelogo std.png SK Prime Jenax and Sacre join, while Brokenshard joins as Head Coach.
Furious Academy logo 25.png FGA Peiuca, Syuchan, F3nix, Shales, Jara, Gastruks and Srynotsry join.
Penta 1860 logo 25.png P1860 Penta Sports teams up with football club TSV 1860 Munich. Team Penta 1860 is created. Navio, Hero, Kenzuke, Barcode and Lion join, while Marhoder joins as head coach.
January 21st
Havan Liberty logo 25.png Havan Shu joins as assistant coach.
Movistar Riders logo 25.png MRS Dinep leaves.
UOLlogo std.png UOL Rift, Skude, sLiM5h4dY, Reje and Dreamer Ace join, while Vamir joins as head coach and LagsAlot joins as an analyst.
MSF.Alogo std.png MSF.A Neon, DanDan, Hiiva and Obsess join. Valkrin joins as head coach.
Gamers Origin logo 25.png GO Obsess leaves.
Valorous logo 25.png VAL Schmerz joins as head coach, while Howlin joins as strategic coach.
VITlogo std.png V.Bee xani and Gevous join as coaches.
GentSide logo 25.png GEC xani leaves.
Sector One Academy logo 25.png S1A Psclly, Izoyu, Boohon, Slyv3r, and Woong join.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Skudzy joins.
ToxicFalcons eSports logo 25.png TFE Soulah leaves.
Royal Penguins logo 25.png RYP Schmerz leaves.
January 20th
Berlin International Gaming logo 25.png BIG SirNukesAlot, ZaZee, Carzzy and WhiteKnight join. Jenax leaves.
UOLlogo std.png UOL WhiteKnight leaves.
Winnerslogo std.png WNS Croco joins. inSec leaves.
LGDlogo std.png LGD Aris joins.
BRIONCompany logo 25.png BRION Cookie joins. HighDin, Start and bbangje leave.
LCKlogo std.png KR MaRin retires.

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