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RNG Ley 2016 Spring.png
Background Information
NameLe Yi (乐毅)
Country of BirthChina
TeamStar Horn Royal Club
Alternate IDsKing丶唯愛蜜Ley

Le "LeY" Yi is a Chinese League of Legends player who is currently a support for Star Horn Royal Club. He was previously known as Leyn.


Joined Star Horn Royal Club on their starting squad for the 2014 LPL Spring Split but after the 5th week was replaced with Bao due to the team's poor performance at the time. The team continued to struggle throughout the rest of the season regardless. On June 2014, Team King picked LeY up as a starting support for the LSPL summer season. The team proved to be the best team in the league as they clinched 1st and a spot at the 2015 LPL Spring Season.


Current Season Statistics



Date Event Result
2015-12-20 World Cyber Arena 2015 Gold.png RNG 3 : 1 EPAlogo std.png Energy Pacemaker.All
2015-11-08 2015 National Electronic Sports Open Gold.png RNG 2 : 1 Snakelogo std.png Snake eSports

Date Event Result
2014-12-28 G-League 2014 Silver.png King 0 : 3 EDGlogo std.png EDward Gaming
2014-12-21 World GameMaster Tournament 2014 Bronze.png King 2 : 0 Snakelogo std.png Snake eSports
2014-12-05 2014 GALAXY eSports Carnival Gold.png King 2 : 1 SH Royallogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club
2014-11-02 National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 Gold.png King 2 : 1 EDGlogo std.png EDward Gaming
2014-10-26 NVIDIA Game Festival 2014 Bronze.png King 2 : 1 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
2014-09-11 X Championship Season I Silver.png King 1 : 3 EDGlogo std.png EDward Gaming
2014-08-14 LoL Secondary Pro League Gold.png Team King 10:4:1 Blanklogo std.png Not found


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