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VK Jockster 2018 Summer.jpg
Background Information
NameLuan Cardoso
Country of BirthBrazil
TeamVivo Keyd
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Blanklogo std.png none?/?????/????
Blanklogo std.png none?/?????/????
RMAlogo std.png RMA1/20132/2013
AZlogo std.png aZ3/20137/2013
PPGlogo std.png PPG7/20138/2013
ATElogo std.png ATE8/201311/2013
CGElogo std.png CGE11/20134/2014
Unitedlogo std.png United4/20145/2014
Blanklogo std.png none5/20146/2014
ITZlogo std.png ITZ6/201411/2015
INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ R11/201512/2015
ITZlogo std.png ITZ12/201510/2017
VKlogo std.png VK11/2017PResent
"Jockster" (Real Name: Luan Cardoso) is a Brazilian League of Legends player, currently a Support for Vivo Keyd.


Career History


Jockster played as jungler for some amateur teams like Lemon Gaming and Animaniacs. His professional career started with RMA e-Sports but the team disbanded. It was then picked up by Acezone in order to participate in the BGL tournaments. Couple of months after, Acezone's roster was acquired by PeesPlay Gaming but fails in Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship and eventually disbanded.

After playing for some time as mid laner for Action Team, Jockster was then hired as jungler for Cyber Gamer E-Sports. However, the team was unable to find victory in their tournaments, eventually losing its players and disbanding.


Jockster was invited to join Team United, playing alongside his friend MicaO in Riot Brazilian Champion League 2014 but the team was only able to finish at 6th place. Following the conclusion of the tournament, Jockster and the rest of the roster left Team United to form Out of Position, where he played as support after Djokovic became the new jungler. Shortly after the roster change the team was acquired by INTZ e-Sports.

INTZ quickly became one of the best Brazillian teams after winning major tournaments like Circuito Game7 without dropping a single game. The bot lane tandem of MicaO and Jockster grew into a very respected bot lane in the scene.


During INTZ's dominance in the CBLoL Stage 1, Jockster became one of the best supports in the Brazillian scene, pulling out bans against his Veigar and providing vital peel for micaO.

After Revolta moved to Keyd Stars, Jockster moved back to jungler, with Alocs joining the team as the new support. After winning second place in CBLoL Stage, INTZ announced Revolta's return as well as the acquisition of Loop for the support position. Instead of parting ways with INTZ to secure a starting position in other teams, he decided to stay with INTZ as a substitute.[1]


  • Spends a lot of time playing and streaming with MicaO.
  • His smurf is named “Jocksterisacat” while his longtime friend and lane partner MicaO have a smurf named “Micaoisadog”.
  • Was very sad due to the Veigar changes on Patch 5.4.
  • After playing competitively as jungler and support, joined INTZ Red as top laner.
  • Portrayed as Rek'Sai in the CBLoL 2015 official wallpaper


Date Event Result
2016-05-01 Brasil Mega Arena Rio 2016 Gold.png INTZ 2 : 1 KStarslogo std.png Keyd Stars
2016-04-20 2016 International Wildcard Invitational SF.png INTZ 0 : 3 HRlogo std.png Hard Random
2016-04-02 CBLOL 2016 Summer Playoffs Gold.png INTZ 3 : 0 KStarslogo std.png Keyd Stars
Date Event Result
2015-12-16 Brazil Mega Cup 2015 Bronze.png intz red 2 : 0 EXPlogo std.png Estúdio XP e-Sports
2015-08-08 2015 CBLOL Winter Playoffs Silver.png intz 0 : 3 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2015-05-03 XMA MEGA ARENA Sao Paulo 2015 Gold.png INTZ 2 : 1 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming
2015-04-25 2015 International Wild Card Invitational Silver.png intz 1 : 3 BJKlogo std.png Beşiktaş Esports
2015-04-18 2015 CBLOL Summer Playoffs Gold.png intz 3 : 0 KStarslogo std.png Keyd Stars
Date Event Result
2014-12-05 Arena Go4Gold 2014 Silver.png intz 1 : 2 KStarslogo std.png Keyd Stars
2014-11-30 Circuito Game7 Gold.png intz 2 : 0 KaBuM Blogo std.png KaBuM! Black
2014-09-26 Brazil Gaming League 2014 Season 1 SF.png intz 0 : 2 PaiNlogo std.png paiN Gaming





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