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C9 Jensen 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameNicolaj Jensen
Country of BirthDenmark
Cloud9 Academy
Peak LeagueChallenger I
Alternate IDsVeigodx, Wizikx, Wizikodex, Sqa, Apdo Dog2, Qas0, Reversio, Incarnati0n v2, Nicolaj Jensen (NA), C9 Incarnationz (KR)
"Jensen" (Real Name: Nicolaj Jensen) is a Danish League of Legends player, current Mid Laner for Cloud9. He was formerly known as Veigodx and Incarnati0n.


Formerly known as "Incarnati0n", Jensen's first team was Team Solo Mebdi but they were disqualified from the Season 3 EU LCS Qualifiers. Soon after that Jensen was banned permanently for a long history of DDoS activity and negative behavior. While suspended as a player, he coached SK Gaming in 2014. Despite decent results, he wasn't allowed to go to Worlds with the team. After his ban was lifted he joined Cloud9 in May of 2015 and has remained with the team ever since. Despite having amazing individual performances and earning himself personal awards, Jensen continues to chase after his first NA LCS championship.

Career History

Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen was born on January 1, 1995 in Denmark. Originally known as Veigodx, he was a member of the founding roster of Team Solo Mebdi, along with YamatoCannon, Nukeduck, Necaderp, and Rayt3rch. The team disbanded in January 2013 after being disqualified from the Season 3 EU LCS qualifiers.[1] On February 4th 2013, he was permanently banned from playing League of Legends due to his "long history of DDOS activity, abusive behaviour and poor sportsmanship across multiple accounts."[2] Despite his permaban, Jensen continued playing on smurf accounts and had several montages of his play released.

On February 1st 2014, it was suggested that Incarnati0n had become the coach of SK Gaming,[3] and it was eventually confirmed.

Incarnati0n was not allowed to attend the 2014 Season World Championship with SK Gaming because while the LCS did not officially recognize coaches, Korea would for Worlds.[4] On September 17th it was announced that coaches would begin to be recognized officially in the LCS,[5] and the question arose whether Incarnati0n's lifetime ban would be lifted or not.

2015 Preseason

Riot released a ruling on November 20th that Incarnati0n would not be unbanned from competitive play, meaning also that he would no longer be able to coach SK.[6][7] His case would be up for review again five weeks before the roster lock for the 2015 summer split.[8]

2015 Season

When the mid-year suspension reviews were announced at the end of March, Incarnati0n was approved for competitive play starting on May 11, 2015.[9] The next day, it was rumored that he would be joining Cloud 9, as Hai's retirement meant that the team was looking for his successor as mid-laner.[10] In a tryout in their Los Angeles gaming house, the team looked over multiple players, including C9 Tempest mid laner Yusui, before [11][12] Ultimately, Incarnati0n won the spot on May 8th.[13]

In Incarnati0n's first game with Cloud9, the team beat Team SoloMid in a game-late victory despite his trailing by over 100 CS behind TSM mid laner Bjergsen. However, as the split continued, the team's record worsened and Incarnati0n's CS deficit became commonplace for his mid-lane matchups and the subject of community criticism. At the same time his champion pool was criticized - Cloud9 was putting him on in-meta control mages like Azir and Viktor instead of his comfort (but out-of-meta) assassin picks like Zed. After five weeks of limited success, Cloud9 decided to bring Hai back - but in the jungle, replacing Meteos, rather than in mid lane. With Hai back on the starting roster, the team's record improved from 3-7 to 6-12 by the end of the split. They finished in 7th place after a tie-breaker victory against Team 8, narrowly avoiding relegations and retaining their Championship Points, which meant that even though they did not qualify for playoffs, they earned a spot in the North American Regional gauntlet. In the Regional Finals Gauntlet, Cloud9 reverse-swept both Gravity Gaming and Team Impulse (with Incarnati0n receiving the MVP title in both series) before beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the finals. Their fourteen games played over the course of three days gave them North America's third seed to the 2015 Season World Championship, Cloud9's third-consecutive Worlds.

Considered an underdog at Worlds, Cloud9 were placed into Group B along with Fnatic, ahq, and Invictus Gaming and expected to place last. Instead, they surprised with an undefeated 3-0 first week, with Incarnati0n introducing Veigar as a pick in their first game against ahq - he was also the only player to win with Veigar in the group stage, out of four plays total (including a later loss by Incarnati0n). In the second week, Cloud9 needed only one win to advance to the quarterfinals but were unable to find it, losing four games in a row including a tiebreaker loss to ahq. They placed third in their group, ahead of only Invictus Gaming.

Incarnati0n renamed to Jensen in December 2015, adopting his surname as his gamertag.[14]

2016 Season

For the 2016 season, Cloud9 added two new players - Rush and Bunny FuFuu - and moved Hai to support, with the intention of splitting time with Bunny. However, after two losses with Bunny and two wins with Hai in the spring split, they committed to starting Hai fulltime and rose to a 67% winrate, with a third-place seed in the playoffs. However, despite a seeding advantage, the team lost to TSM in the first round and were eliminated.


  • In a friendly soccer tournament including EU LCS players, coaches, casters and Riot employees that was covered in the Riot feature Kickin' It With The Pros, he was on the first-place team that also included xPeke, Soaz, Rekkles and Fredy122.[15]


Date Event Result
2015-08-31 2015 Season North America Regional Finals Gold.png C9 3 : 1 Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid








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