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AV Jayke 2018 Spring.png
Background Information
NameJayke Paulsen
Country of BirthAustralia
TeamAvant Gaming
Alternate IDsTrident Jayke, taylorswift13
Jayke "Jayke" Paulsen is an Australian League of Legends player, currently playing as Support for Avant Gaming.


Jayke "Jayke" Paulsen is from Williamstown, Australia. He started playing League of Legends in season 2 and reached Platinum elo.

Career History

2014 Season

Jayke started playing competitively in early 2014, forming Optic Snipers for the Autumn Regionals.

2015 Season

In 2015, Jayce joined Enzone and Best Players Ocean and substituted for Avant Garde for three games in the OPL split 1 and split 2. In September, he switched from jungle to support. In December, Jayke joined Trident Esports to compete in the OPL as part of the team's starting roster.


  • Reached Master Tier in Season 4 playing only  Gnar soon after his release.
  • Has a Golden Retriever named Kobe.
  • Renamed to AMAatrox and spammed  Aatrox to high challenger.



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