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J Team

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J Team
J Teamlogo square.png
Team Information
Coach(es)Chen "'Prydz" Kuang-Feng
Wong "
"Ratis" Yu-Fan

J Team is a Taiwanese professional Esports Organization under JY Entertainment.



In April 19th, 2016, it was announced that Taipei Assassins is bought by Taiwanese musician Jay Chou. The team rebrands to J Gaming with Morning, Jay, REFRA1N, FoFo and BeBe as the starting roster.

The team made quite an impression on their first split in the LMS. They finished the Summer Split in #1 spot with a record of 10-4-0. However, during the playoffs, J Team lose to Flash Wolves (0-3), sending them to the Regional Qualifiers for the 2016 World Championship. In the qualifiers, the team's efforts fell short as they were beaten by Machi 17 (2-3).

Since the team finished 2nd in the Playoffs, they were auto-qualified for IEM Season XI/Gyeonggi. Prior to the tournament, they moved current Jungler, REFRA1N, to sub and signed Achie as their starting Jungler, as well as Breaker as their Sub AD Carry.

In the first round, the team lose to Immortals (0-1) dropping them to the losers' bracket. They are able to beat LCL's 2nd placer, Vega Squadron, but lose again to Immortals (1-2) in the decider match.


  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • March 11th, RLun and Jcain leave.[6]
  • March 16th, REFRA1N switches from sub to starting jungler.[7]
  • May 25th, Alex joins. Breaker switches from sub jungler to AD carry. Achie switches from jungler to assistant analyst.[8] REFRA1N moves back to sub.
  • June 2nd, BeBe confirms his retirement at the end of the season.[9]
  • June 12th, REFRA1N moves to Flash Wolves on loan.[10]
  • July 22nd, Rest joins.
  • July 28th, Morning switches from starting jungler to sub.
  • August 4th, Breaker switches from sub AD carry to sub jungler.
  • August 26th, Breaker switches from sub jungler to support.
  • August 28th, BeBe retires.[11][12]
  • October 2nd, LilV joins.[13]
  • November 12nd, Jay, Morning, and REFRA1N leave.[14]
  • November 20th, Hana joins.[15]
  • December 22nd, Breaker is suspended for one LMS series with NT$ 30,000 fine for his display of unprofessional behaviour while in soloqueue.[16]
  • December 25th, Ysera and Woody join. Breaker switches from support to jungler. Achie leaves position as assistant analyst.[17][18]
  • January 3rd, Ratis joins as assistant coach.[19]
  • June 6th, Hana switches from jungler to ADC. Alex and Woody leave.[20]

Player Roster





  • Jay Chou, Team Owner. Nationality: tw.
  • Quaker, Manager. Nationality: tw.
  • Prydz, Head Coach.
  • Ratis, Assistant Coach. Nationality: tw.


  • You, Analyst. Nationality: tw.
  • Winds, Analyst/Scout.
  • Domo, Coach.
  • Sim, Head Coach.

Team Achievements


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  • 2016
  • 2017

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