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HKA erssu 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameJeon Ik-soo
Country of BirthSouth Korea
TeamHong Kong Attitude
RoleTop Laner
Jeon "erssu" Ik-soo is a Korean League of Legends player, currently the Top Laner for Hong Kong Attitude. He was formerly known as ikssu


erssu joined KT Rolster as a subtitute in 2014 but did not play a single game for the team before he left in 2015. He later joined Rebels Anarchy when they qualified for the 2015 LCK Summer, he became the starting Top Laner after cvMax retired.

In Summer of 2015, erssu and team finished 8th in the round robin stage with a record of 5W-13L. The team did not qualify for the playoffs but were qualified for 2016 Spring. In the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, Rebels Anarchy ended their run at 5th-8th place after beating NaJin e-mFire in Round of 12 but lost to Challenger team Ever in the Quarterfinals.

On December 30th, Afreeca Freecs acquired the LCK spot of Rebels Anarcy along with its roster, including erssu, lira, Mickey, Sangyoon and SnowFlower.</div>


Prior to the start of the 2016 Season, Afreeca Freecs added Seonghwan and Lindarang as substitute Jungler and Top Laner respectively. But since erssu is playing his role well, he remained as the starting Top Laner for the team. In 2016 LCK Spring, the team ended at 5th place in the round robin stage, as well as the playoffs.

Their Summer Split was no different, as the team ended in 5th place for both the round robin stage and playoffs as well. They did made it to the 2016 LCK Regional Qualifer but lost to Samsung Galaxy, thus losing their chance to make it to the 2016 World Championship.

Prior to the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup, erssu and lira parted ways with the team. On December 21st, it was announced that erssu and former teammate SnowFlower joined Jin Air Green Wings as starting Top Laner and Support for 2017 Spring.




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