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Esportspedia Wiki Training

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First of all, Welcome to Esportspedia! We're glad to have you! Outlined here are a set of tasks similar to normal wiki maintenance. They aren't "real" changes that we need made to the wiki, but they're a good way for you to learn how to do the updates that we do need done, without worrying about deadlines or messing up or anything else. By the end of week one you will be taking a preliminary test that will determine how much of the material you have learned. Now do not worry about this test, this is not something that will determine your entry into Esportspedia.

Also remember that while going through these tutorials, you can always preview the pages given to you.
Matt Gunnin signature.PNG
Matthew Gunnin, CEO Esportspedia

While all of this is here to help you, we here at Esportspedia want you to know that you are 100% free to ask us questions if you are confused on anything. We know that there are various situations where something you have seen here will be different on the wiki, or if you cannot understand it regardless. If that happens, do not be afraid to contact ANY wiki manager for help.