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LGD Eimy 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameXie Dan (谢丹)
Country of BirthChina
TeamLGD Gaming
"Eimy" (Real Name: Xie Dan (谢丹)) is a Chinese League of Legends player, current Jungler for LGD Gaming.

Career History


Eimy joined Vici Stand Gaming in February of 2014. The team would then try to get into the LPL for a long time. They were finally successful during the LPL 2015 Spring Promotion in November. Despite getting knocked into the Loser's bracket after losing 0-2 to Energy Pacemaker, they would defeat Energy Pacemaker.Carries 2-0 to qualify for the 2015 LPL Spring Season.


Despite qualifying for the LPL Spring Split with VSG, Eimy would miss it after getting replaced by Korean superstar DanDy. Eimy was however moved down to Vici's LSPL team, Vici Potential Gaming. The team successfully qualified for the LPL in April of 2015 during the 2015 LSPL Spring Playoffs after placing 2nd, losing to Qiao Gu Reapers 1-3 in the finals.

Due to the LPL rules, Vici had to sell the team and Vici Potential Gaming's roster was acquired by Unlimited Potential. They participated in the regular season of the LPL 2015 Summer but finished in 10th place only winning 3 Bo2 series. The team was then knocked out of the LPL in the LPL 2016 Spring Promotion after losing 0-3 to Team WE.

Unlimited Potential also participated in NEST 2015 and finished 4th, losing the 3rd place match to Vici Gaming (0-2).

Eimy left UP in December of 2015 and was picked up by LGD Gaming in the same month.


Hoping to bounce back from their rough Worlds and post-Worlds performances, LGD went into the LPL 2016 Spring with high hopes. Being placed in Group A, LGD struggled in the first several weeks of play. Despite having good players in every position, they struggled to play as a team. In the second half of the season however, they started playing better and bounced back, finishing 4th in their group with an 8-8 record. They would face off against Vici Gaming in Round 1 of the LPL 2016 Spring Playoffs but would go on to lose 1-3, finishing the Spring Split in 7th-8th. Summer was a rough split for LGD as the team finished 5th place in their group. As a result of this, they would attend the 2017 LPL Spring Promotion but were able to re-qualify for the LPL after defeating Newbee 3-1.



Date Event Result
2015-11-29 National Electronic Sports Tournament 2015 Copper.png UP 0 : 2 VGlogo std.png Vici Gaming
2015-04-09 2015 LSPL Spring Playoffs Silver.png VGP 1 : 3 QGlogo std.png Qiao Gu Reapers
Date Event Result
2014-11-22 2015 LPL Spring Promotion Silver.png vg 2 : 0 EPClogo std.png EP.Carries






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