ESL Balkans League Season 5

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ESL Balkans League
Season V
ESL Balkan League.jpg
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Sponsor: GamingGear
Event Type: Offline
Country Bulgaria Bulgaria
Format: Groups + Playoffs
Prize pool: € 5,000
Start Date: 2013-09-20
End Date: 2013-09-22
Links: Website

ESL Balkans League Season V is an offline event held in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Inter Expo Center.



  • Group Stage
    • Double elimination
    • All matches are best of one
    • Top two teams from each group advance to playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Single elimination
    • All matches are best of three

Prize Pool

€ 5,000 EUR (Approximately $ 6,679 USD) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st € 2,000 DPlogo std.png Dark Passage
Silver.png 2nd € 1,000 Logo std2.png Kalu OP
Bronze.png 3rd € 600 Logo std2.png Bulgaria's Finest
Copper.png 4th € 400 Gurulogo std.png Guru Gaming
5th - 8th € 250 TYLlogo std.png Test Your Limits
Logo std2.png Bulgarian Snipers
Hegemonylogo std.png Team Hegemony
NeXtlogo std.png neXtPlease! Gaming



Bulgarian Snipers
Default logo150.png
Bulgaria Lelouch  
Bulgaria Panser
Bulgaria Shì shén
Bulgaria Lazyshadow
Bulgaria borkatapz4
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Bulgaria's Finest
Default logo150.png
Bulgaria Shadino  
Bulgaria Cavaradøssi
Bulgaria EdinPriqtelBG
Bulgaria cilium
Bulgaria Bezhad3atH
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Test Your Limits
Test Your Limitslogo square.png
Greece NaSoMaNiAC  
Greece GaLaTaS
Greece Riou
Greece MasterMinD
Greece SpiDerPiTv2
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Dark Passage
DP logo 150.png
Turkey fabulous  
Turkey ReostA
Turkey Naru
Turkey Holyphoenix
Turkey Holythoth
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neXtPlease! Gaming
NeXt logo 150.png
Romania GaBaNo  
Romania Zombilau
Romania Alex
Romania Scorpion
Romania AoD
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Guru Gaming
Guru Gaming logo 150.png
Croatia Jessper  
Croatia Cro Assasin
Croatia ZemanoRex
Croatia elty
Croatia Dacocro
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Kalu OP
Default logo150.png
Serbia zekalanja  
Serbia kàLuGG
Serbia INX1
Serbia Sa1na
Serbia Shm1
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Team Hegemony
Team Hegemonylogo square.png
Macedonia Gamster  
Macedonia ChazBG
Macedonia Mljask
Macedonia nDroa
Macedonia Toxic Mistrial
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Group Stage

Group A
1. DPlogo std.png Dark Passage 2-0
2. Logo std2.png Kalu OP 2-1
3. TYLlogo std.png Test Your Limits 1-2
4. Logo std2.png Bulgarian Snipers 0-2
Group A Matches
DP DPlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png BG Snipers
TYL TYLlogo std.png 0 1 Logo std2.png Kalu OP
DP DPlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png Kalu OP
BG Snipers Logo std2.png 0 1 TYLlogo std.png TYL
Kalu OP Logo std2.png 1 0 TYLlogo std.png TYL
Group B
1. Logo std2.png Bulgaria's Finest 2-0
2. Gurulogo std.png Guru Gaming 2-1
3. Hegemonylogo std.png Team Hegemony 1-2
4. NeXtlogo std.png neXtPlease! Gaming 0-2
Group B Matches
Hegemony Hegemonylogo std.png 0 1 Logo std2.png BGF
neXt NeXtlogo std.png 0 1 Gurulogo std.png guru
BGF Logo std2.png 1 0 Gurulogo std.png guru
Hegemony Hegemonylogo std.png 1 0 NeXtlogo std.png neXt
guru Gurulogo std.png 1 0 Hegemonylogo std.png Hegemony


  Semifinals Finals
  DPlogo std.png DP 2
  Gurulogo std.png guru 0
  DPlogo std.png DP 2
  Logo std2.png Kalu OP 1
  Logo std2.png BGF 0
  Logo std2.png Kalu OP 2 3rd place match
  Gurulogo std.png guru 1
  Logo std2.png BGF 2

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