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Dig cruzer.PNG
Background Information
NameCruz Ogden
Country of BirthUnited States
Social Media
Peak LeagueDiamond I
Alternate IDsLgN Cruzer, Two Yellow Ducks, Pummeling Puma

Cruz "Cruzerthebruzer" Ogden is an American League of Legends player who was previously a substitute top laner for Team Dignitas.


Cruzer has played video games all of his life. Before League of Legends, Cruz played many of the Final Fantasy games and enjoyed playing RTS games as well. Cruzerthebruzer is known for his heavy aggression focused playstyle, often taking many risks in the top lane. Cruzer is most known for playing a strong  Rumble,  Yorick,  Irelia,  Vladimir, and most notably  Lee Sin.

On January 9th, 2015, Team Dignitas announced that they are searching for new substitution players and that Cruzerthebruzer, Azingy, Flappy Bearfish, and Heartbeat are no longer on the roster.[1]


  • Throughout Season 1 and 2 he was regarded as one of the best  Lee Sin players in the game.
  • Before being picked up as a member of Team Legion he became popular on youtube for his  Lee Sin highlight videos.
    • As of recently has also begun to include a substantial amount of  Irelia clips alongside his popular  Lee Sin videos.


Date Event Result
2012-08-12 IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown Bronze.png Team Legion 1 : 2 Crslogo std.png Team Curse


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